To the end of the world

By David Hordijk - 15 February 2023

15th of April, 2021. Two weeks before departure. Helmond, sperwerstraat number seven. I ring the doorbell and after some time the door opens. “I’ve got a special question” I say. “Could I maybe take a rock from your backyard?”. As a kind face is looking at me rather questioningly, I continue: “In two weeks I will leave on foot to Spain. “ “To Spain?” “Yes to Spain. I’m walking to a place called Finisterre, the end of the world. I’m knocking on your door because I used to live in this house. In fact, I was born here. A tradition of the way I’m going to walk is to carry a stone with you, that symbolizes what you want to leave behind“. The friendly lady still doesn’t know what to make of it, but I get to take a rock from the backyard. And yes, there’s plenty to leave behind from this place.