Tosti's around the world

By Naud Janssen - 8 March 2023

Dutch cuisine is often known for its simplicity, and this can be seen when we take some vegetables and potatoes and just mash the hell out of it. One thing that we do quite well however, is putting a slice of cheese between two sandwiches. Although, the Tosti is not really our invention, as the French know it as a Croque-Monsieur since 1910. In the Internaat the Tosti is worshipped and rightfully so. But imagine a world where you would have tasteful lunches on other days in the week. This wouldn’t sound as beautiful as Tosti Tuesday, but in this article, we will take a look what different tastebuds around the world would eat for lunch at different days in the week, starting with: 

Monsieur/Madame Monday 

Of course we have to start with the inventors of the delicious sandwich, the French. As stated before, they know it as a Croque-Monsieur, which is little different than a Tosti. All the basic ingredients are there, white bread, ham, cheese, but they are topped with some delicious bechamel sauce. Furthermore, more cheese is added on top, making it impossible to recreate this in a tosti-iron. Add an egg on top with the sunny side up, keeping the yolk runny. 


Excuse me for this terrible world play, there is honestly no lunch or country that starts with a W. Therefore travel towards the other side of the world: Japan! Bento Boxes are immensely popular, and rightfully so, as they look beautifully tasty. They are also very Instagram or Tiktok worthy. Bento boxes don’t really have a specific recipe, you can throw whatever you want in there. This would make for a sensational Bentnesday, standing in line, creating your own perfect box while the BentoCie would provide a wide range of toppings. 

Turkish Thursday 

 I imagine that many of you are thinking about Kapsalon now, but that is a Dutch invention (who said our cuisine is bad?). No, the Turkish also have a nice lunch dish, which is a bit similar to a tosti, although it’s a far stretch. They have pide, a delicious oval bread, which is open in the middle. Inside is a stuffing consisting of mostly minced meat, bell peppers and onion. Blend everything together to create something which looks a bit like a Turkish pizza combined with a Calzone. 

Feijoada Friday 

The Brazilians take their lunch very seriously, as it’s considered as the most important meal of the day! A typical Brazilian lunch often includes Feijoada, a sort of bean stew. It is derived from the word Feijão, the Portuguese word for beans. Next to beans, a lot of different meats are also consumed in this dish. The FeijCie would have more difficulty providing this as lunch. Google it, it looks more like something that the KookCie would produce. Although not that great looking, it presumably tastes delicious, combining many spices into a full flavourful package. 

Schnitzel Saturday 

For those of you that ever went skiing or snowboarding in Austria, you already know why this in on here. When taking a lunch break, you see many plates full of pommes topped with an insanely large Wiener Schnitzel. The Austrians do know how  to enjoy their lunch, as it’s amazing, but it lacks a bit in the nutrition value. Imagine a SchnitCie in the Internaat, pounding the meat as flat as possible in the morning; nobody would be able to pay attention to the lecture in the room below the Internaat. 

Smørrebrød Sunday 

Smørrebrød is the Danish translation for boterham. However, the Danish take their bread seriously, as they often eat it as a bread platter. They love their whole grain breads; the darker and the more seeds, the better. Top these with whatever you fancy, as long as you keep it as fancy as possible. You can’t just put one slice of cheese on top, the Danish prefer fancy meats or fish. And in no way you are allowed to put a top slice of bread on. 


Hopefully you are inspired to upgrade your lunch game, but keep in mind, nothing beats the plain old Tosti Tuesday! 


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