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By interTEAM - 7 March 2023

Everybody be prepared… It is almost batavieren time again! Any student with even a small understanding of student culture knows that it is about to go down. But for those newbies let me explain. No, this crazy event does not happen at Stratum or in the beautiful Internaat. With this activity, you can broaden your horizon and take your running skills to the next international level. Every year students from all over the world put on their best running shoes and gather in the beautiful Nijmegen to run to Enschede. The route even goes all the way through Germany! All runners have the same goal in mind: to stay on track during the run but afterwards go off the map and onto the dance floor. And don’t worry about having two left feet, if you can fist pump the air like a true Dutchy or sway to piano man you are good to go.  

Alright now the newbies and oude lullen are on the same page there are some cool things about the batavieren race not many people know. For example, this is the biggest relay run according to the Guinness book of world records! So you are participating in a world record while moving your body. Name a better combo, you can’t. 


The batavierenrace's history started on a whole different part of the European map. Sweden to be exact. But the alcoholic beverages were simply too expensive there for student concepts. So after being inspired by the SOLA-relay run a few students of Nijmegen decided it would be cool to host such a game a bit closer to home: in our little frog country. The first race was from Nijmegen to Rotterdam in 1972. The price of winning this game is a Swedish wooden horse which is still a reminder of the SOLA-relay race.  

What is so amazing about the batavierenrace is that it is a race for all. This means that everybody can join regardless of their running skills (if they are present, to begin with). Intermate will be represented by two different teams: the Beerteam and the sprintermate. The names give a small hint into where their priorities lie but don’t be fooled as their finish times were very close last year.  

Did I still not satisfy your curiosity about this marvelous race check out their website: Wedstrijd en route (batavierenrace.nl) 

I hope to see you all there to support Intermate, run with Intermate, party with Intermate or go off the map. 

Just don’t forget both your running and dancing shoes! 

XXX InterT.E.A.M.  


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