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By Sander Schepers - 3 May 2023

1.Pose at the leaning tower of Pisa!  

This is the furthest destination, but it is also by far the best spot to make a cool picture. The most original thing to do here is posing so it looks like you are making sure the tower does not fall. It might require some training to hold the camera and your hands in the right position, but the result is hilarious. Very original and absolutely not cringe, as you can see in the picture below. If you are a real comedian, you can also vary the ways you pose. Just use your imagination! 

Just a day at the leaning tower of pisa : r/funny

Amount of likes you will get: A few out of pity. 

2.Join a “Tiktok queue” in Amsterdam! 

You don’t want to go all the way to Italy? Don’t worry! We also have a spot in the Netherlands! In our capital you have the Rijksmuseum, Paleis op the Dam, and van Gogh Museum, but why go there? Amsterdam also has a lot of places where you can get food that became famous because of Tiktok. Eating this food and posting it on social media might result in a lot of likes! These days you wait over an hour in line for your stroopwafel or patatje, but then you can proudly show it to your “friends”. Although the preferred social media platform is Tiktok, you can also just use Instagram or post it way too late on BeReal. 

Lezers over de enorme TikTokrijen in Amsterdam: 'Falende gemeente laat de  binnenstad verloederen'

Amount of likes you will get: 0 

3.Go to Gemini! 

Are you one of those Brabanders that will never leave the province? Then we have good news for you! One of the best picture locations is just around the corner! Gemini is a beautiful building on the TU/e campus and it’s one of the secret highlights in Eindhoven. The majestic concrete leaves people speechless, and therefore a picture of this place is an absolute must-have on your Instagram page. Take your time to visit this hidden beauty and take your pictures from different angles. Gemini always surprises! 

Heijmans renoveert Gemini-Noord bij TU in Eindhoven -

Amount of likes you will get: >1.000.000 


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