Mentally off the grid

By Julia Verbruggen - 10 May 2023

In line with this peaceful quest my mom and I planned our yearly mother-daughter getaway. Sounds pretty cool and organized but this year was it was the first time we got to do it. The weekend of Kingsday, the time had come and off we went to Cadzand-Bad out of all places. To celebrate the kick-off of this new tradition we really went all out and booked ourselves into a spa resort and opted for all the possible treatments available. We had a weekend full of sweating in the saunas, massages (head massages are definitely our favourite), a lot of beauty snaps throughout the day, and someone waxing my moustache (to be honest I know that this would not be very relaxing but still an interesting experience) and walking on the beach. Although this sounds like a lot of opportunities to relax your mind it still was quite the challenge at times. But I noticed how much my mind wonders about the most useless things during a neck, shoulder, and back massage. I was constantly deliberating on what kind of massage I booked, and the following thoughts were running through my mind: “Was it neck and shoulders? Or also my back? Was it 25 or 30 minutes? How long am I already here? How many of these does she do in a day? She is really strong, don’t her hands ever get tired?”. Yeah, exhausting to say the least.  

Fortunately, over the days it became easier to let these thoughts wash away to the sound of the rippling sea. As I inherited this mental restlessness trade from my mother, we were both stumped to notice that over the days when we were asking each other what we were thinking about we could proudly say ‘nothing’. Slowly accepting our minds moving off the map into a peaceful meadow. This experience makes me look forward to creating more time that allows my mind to go off the grid where it can just spend time thinking about completely nothing.  


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