Train ride of the year

By SmoBo - 8 May 2023

We are going to make a trip. Pack your suitcase, your broomstick and owl. I can hear your thoughts from here; broomstick? Owl? Yes, you have read this correctly, we are going to make a magical trip in the Hogwarts Express. We, the SmoBo committee, are your tour guides. The fact that you are here, at platform 9 ¾ means that you have passed the first test. You can compare this with the academic year; you have already survived the first ¾ of this year meaning that you might have cried, failed but started again and are absolutely in the right place here at TU/e and at Intermate. Now it is time to lay back a bit and enjoy the last quarter and enjoy the extremely comfortable chairs of the Hogwarts express. Our destination today is a place full of friends and fun. For people owning a wand this can only mean Hogwarts, for others this place can best be described as ‘the summer holiday’. Anyways before we get there, the SmoBo tour-guides are going to point out some fun ‘hotspots’ in this magical landscape we are traveling through. This magical landscape is built out of memories of the last year, so sit back and enjoy this journey along memory lane. 

If you have a look to your right, you can see a lot of happy people in yellow shirts. These people are the intro kiddos with their parents because it is Introweek! This week is packed full of fun activities where the kiddos meet more people and hear more new names than their brains can comprehend and experience the warm group of friends called ‘Intermate.’ The sun is shining as you can see, and everyone is still happy and enjoying the end of their holiday but as you can see there is a shift in the landscape since we have arrived at the first quartile of the year… And BAM, I am sorry for the sudden shift of landscape, but we have surprisingly early arrived at the first exam period, those bastards are always coming earlier than expected. But never mind those landscapes, preferably look to your left because there the sun is shining somewhat brighter since all these weeks are also filled with fun activities of Intermate. You can see mountains of cheese, being the symbol for all the toasti-Tuesdays. Next to this, there is the famous ‘Beer-lake’ for all the drinks at the Internaat and if you follow the ‘borrel-river’ you end up at the wonderful ‘ac-party-beer(water)fall’! At the end of the year, the fun landscapes are the ones you remember so we are not even going to point out all the landscapes filled with deadlines and exams.  

Since we are getting closer to our destination it is time to change into your wizardy-robes or your summer clothing, whatever you prefer. There is still some time left on this trip to create more beautiful landscapes so enjoy the sun, the activities and we, the SmoBo committee, have enjoyed being your tour guide! See you soon!  


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