Intermania's holiday tales of a summer past

By Intermania - 6 September 2023

You might not think it with the fantastic weather of the past week, but the new academic year has unfortunately started. To get all the little Intermaatjes through this ordeal, we at the Intermania have decided to bring the holiday back for just a little bit longer by sharing our holiday experiences with you, starting with our very own Board Responsible and amazing Commissioner of Education Arne!

This summer was quite different from previous ones for me. Starting as a fresh board in June, most of us just chilled in the Internaat all summer. I became a master of one-handed table football, as I broke my hand and had to wear a cast for 6 weeks. Luckily this cast was removed the day before I went to Belgium with some friends from my hometown, where we did surprisingly little in the 10 days we were there, but that’s what holidays are for aren’t they? We did do some small hikes in the Ardennes, where I stumbled on a burned down factory, protected by a fence that you could simply walk around. In the mood for some Urbexing (urban exploring) I walked towards the building, promptly ignoring all the warnings about how the building was in danger of collapsing, with the excuse of not speaking French. I managed to snap a few cool pictures, but I did leave quickly, as death by Belgian building did not sound too appealing to me. A rusted van in a building

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The Intermate vacation was also a highlight of this summer break, we managed to collect over 70 euros in deposit on “halve liters” and enjoyed them thoroughly while sitting in the hot tub. The only slight downside of our luxurious residence in Odiliapeel was the military airbase located just outside, so our relaxing hot tub sessions came with a free side of hearing damaged from fighter jets taking off and landing. Aside from these escapades, I spent most of the holiday in Eindhoven, where our board managed to open the bar for almost every day of the summer break, something I consider a great achievement. All for the wellbeing of our members and more specifically the graduating student, of course. 

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Next, Charlotte will share some of her vacation stories:

This year, my summer was packed with four amazing trips. For starters, me and my father kicked of our summer together and decided to visit Ireland as a celebration gift from him to me for graduation high school. Of course, this was already three years ago...but know. We greatly enjoyed ourselves while walking along the Cliffs of Moher, wandering through the Game of Thrones studios in Belfast and exploring rainy Dublin.

Next up, Liquicity Festival . Although we had our fair bit of rain during the weekend, together with approximately 30 friends from Eindhoven and Delft, from which a few fellow Intermate members, we enjoyed every single minute of it. We danced from dusk to dawn on the best Drum & Bass music. Just like last year, an unforgettable weekend. No surprise I already obtained my ticket for next year ?.