What the stickers on your laptop say about you

By Charlotte van Dongen - 9 October 2023

Any typical student may have spotted them once before; laptop stickers. A student's uni laptop is their 'personal property'. So, naturally, we decorate them with the most wonderful art to represent our personalities. In a wide variety of shapes, colors, and memes, these beautiful pieces of sticky paper are used to express one's true self. Let me give you some insight into what a laptop sticker says about you!

1.      The Intermate sticker

You obviously have taken part in the introduction week, where your intro-parents have shoved them in your face and ordered you politely to place them in the middle of your laptop. If you were able to stop after this sticker, good job, you have actual willpower. If you decide after this sticker, you might as well commit and gather as many stickers as possible. Congratulations, you are not alone in this, and you are a trusted and appreciated member of our cult.


2.      The Board sticker

Ah, the board sticker. It provides a recognizable look to an old/current board member's work setting. With each year having its own color, name, and logo, it is not hard to distinguish the different generations of the board. It is a fun way to memorize this special year.

When you show off your board stickers, you are a proud member who has committed a full-time year to our association and its members. Also, you are very prominent…


3.      Student team stickers

We get it, you are a smart one. No, but seriously, well done! You managed to do something next to your full-time studies, which is an achievement in itself. This sticker reminds you and others that you have been a part of something bigger. You have committed yourself towards a goal with a fun team of other students.


4.      Sport association stickers

One of the most used stickers in my personal observations. With over 35 sport associations, almost every student is able to find a sport fitting for themselves. While you can show off your athletic skills to others without telling them about your football skills at every drink, your associations are more than happy with the free promo you provide.


5.      Event stickers

You have just bought your tickets for MomenTUm, BorrelXL, the BrasGala or any other big party and want to let everyone know you went or are going.

Are you one of the organizers of this event, though? If you are, then you deserve to show this achievement off 100% and may own all the credit in the world.


6.      Climbing stickers

If you know, you know. Do you have a MONK sticker or any other climbing-related sticker placed on your laptop? Then you probably either struggle with mental health issues or you want to escape the hanging dread of society that places us in a daily challenge quest to find our hidden equilibrium in order to obtain total inner peace. Or you are just burned out.…Or you just really love climbing…


7.      Statement sticker

Whether you tell Shell to 'fuck off', admit to not having a 'ruggengraat' or just want to let someone know that there used to be a BorrelCie sticker on that spot, you love to express yourself in wise words and pretty pictures.


8.      Liquor/food sticker

You have a preference, and that is awesome. Whether it is a beautiful, big Flügel sticker, or a pink elephant of Delirium on your laptop, you can show your lecturer that you recover from their assignments with your favorite beverages. And you show the athletes that you should not be asked to join the half marathon of Eindhoven.


9.      Meme stickers

You are the opposite of a boomer my friend. You spend your days scrolling through social media and laughing at the good jokes, after which you are determined to deliver everyone else the same laughter via a sticker. You were the class clown in secondary school, weren't you?...


10.  No stickers

Okay…uhm… so. We can conclude several options from this category. Either you want to stay 'professional', do not own a university laptop that deserves the decoration, or you still believe that you have to keep your laptop spotless to receive the repair services from the TU/e. 

I hope I have given you some insight into your true self. Before you leave to get more stickers for your laptop, please have a look at these memorable laptops from some fellow Intermate members:

1. Arne 'Disrespect and trust issues emerge from overlapping stickers'

2. Faye 'Cut to Perfection'

3. Rik 'Organized Chaos'


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