Lustra of the past

By Naud Janssen and Jonna van Dijk - 15 November 2023

As you all know, the 8th lustrum of Intermate will be taking place on the 16th of November! Taking place only once every 5 years, the lustrum results in some of the most fond memories of many Intermate members. It is also a great point in time to look at the future of us as an association, and how things will change! However, today we will be taking you back through the years, and take a look at some of the best lustrum memories Intermate has created.


Our first trip back in time takes us to 1988. Intermate has become 5 years old and is really shaping itself as an association. Unfortunately not much is known about this point in time, and about the first lustrum. To give you a bit of insight of where Intermate was as an association at this point in time: There were some foreign excursions that had taken place already, but not many other activities. Intermate has only just recently gained it’s own home, the Internaat. From the activities that did take place during the lustrum, we don’t know much, as during this time there was no almanak that was created.


Intermate exists 10 years : ) Though this lustrum did not have a theme, just like the board of 1993 had no name, it was one with many fun activities. Soccer tournament, a photo competition, theatre performance, film festival, ITEM reunion and many more. During the 2nd lustrum the first TeMa gala took place, an event that is now an indispensable part of the lustrum. The young association already had high aims and wanted to set a world record by creating the largest ‘kijkdoos’ in the world. Unfortunately, this attempt was unsuccessful. Maybe more age and wisdom was required to set a world record. 


The 15th birthday of Intermate! Apparently the hype was so big, that they even hosted a lustrum pre-party! The board of this year ‘Quinquennium’, did not want to limit all the hype within boundaries, so they chose their theme accordingly ‘without boundaries’. The week took place from 26th until the 30th of October, as around this time they just shifted the activities to the week that fitted best. Some activities that they hosted as a lustrum activity, are still known to the Intermate members of today; a Symposium, a sport day, but also an open podium! For this lustrum event, a book was also made! It might seem as if not much has taken place around this lustrum, but apparently this was in a time where Intermate was desperately in need for some active members…


Not much is known about the activities of the 4th Lustrum with the theme ‘The four elements’. One thing that is however mentioned in all report of the lustrum is the blue Ford Escort car that was present during all activities, even in de pubs. There even was a contest where you could win this race monster, the only thing you had to do was sit in it longer than your opponents and it was yours. After the lustrum the winner sold it for €100 to an Intermate member who just wanted to wreck it.  


Did you know that at one time, Intermate held a world-record? Yes, we were officially in the Guinness Book of World Records! You can still view this plaque in the board room as of today. One of the biggest lustrum stunts this week was the attempt for the world record of people breathing fire at the same time! They held a workshop first on how to do so, and then broke the world record after! Apart from this, we have no documentation on other lustrum activities, but we do know that they have documented the most hype intro songs from 2003 until 2007! One of these songs was Brabant by Guus Meeuwis. It is now still played very frequently at Stratum, so you can imagine how much it must have been played when it just came out…


2013, time for the 6th Lustrum! This lustrum committee has made a beautiful report about the week and their committee, in which all activities are evaluated in detail. Since the lustra of Intermate and Industria always take place in the same year, a collaboration took place in 2013. ‘5 Tegen 100’ was organized for staff and teachers of both Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences. But no worries, there were also fun activities for students. For all puzzle-lovers within Intermate, of which we always seem to have plenty, a puzzle-hunt was organized. Dining in the dark, a paralympic sport tournament, Dungeons and Dragons Experience and plenty more made it a lustrum week to remember. The committee also got some inspiration from the BorrelCie and organized a ‘Wijnproef’. This year we, as a lustrum committee, also got some inspiration from them. Since they were the first to organize a ‘katerjacht’, which was turned into a flamingohunt this year. 


The most recent lustrum that Intermate has had! I think that some of you readers (one of the writers included), can even remember some of these activities! The theme here was ‘innovation without boundaries’. Yes, we’ve seen the without boundaries theme before, at the 3rd lustrum, but compared to that one, this lustrum was quite big! Some activities that were held included the best idea of TIW, a congress in collaboration with Industria, and goat yoga. Furthermore, the lustrum ended with a spectacular poker themed prom. It’s also cool to see that some of these activities have become almost like traditions, such as Masterchef.


Here we are, the present, the 8th Lustrum of Intermate ‘Expect the Unexpected’. What activities will go down in history as most memorable? Will turnaround day be the day that everyone still talks about in 10 years? Maybe Intermate’s first ‘VVV’tjes’ day or the lustrum band? Or perhaps the return of the katerjacht, better known as the Flamingohunt? At least we hope everyone will enjoy themselves during the 8th Lustrum and make some great memories for themselves, which they will talk about for years to come. 


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