Money for Marvelous Moustaches

By SnorCie - 29 November 2023

KWFTrrrrriinngg… Triiiiiingggg… Do you hear that? There goes the snoorbell.  

“I will open the snoor!”  

is what I scream to my siblings whilst snorming to the snoor. I open the snoor and see an unfamiliar, but friendly looking man in a red jacket with a big brown mustache in front of me.  


“Hello youngman, are one of your parents at home? I come to collect money for the hfakjsfjaneiuajf-foundation.”  

I do not know what the hfakjsfjaneiuajf-foundation is, but that was the only thing I could remember when walking back to one of my parents. My dad always asks me:  

“But what am I sponsnoring for?” 

“I don’t know” I said, “I could not undersnor it” 

“Well go and ask it then.”  

While I knew my dad was laughing in the back, I walked back to the mustached man.  

“Snorry, I do not know what we are sponsnoring for.” I admitted to him.  

“Hahah, no problem kiddo, we all make mistakes snor and then.” he replied. “I come to collect money for KWF, do you know what that is?”.  

KWF, KWF, let me think.  

“Is that with the animals? The snorangutan and the snoorwurm?” I asked the man.  

“Haha you are close, but no, that is WWF. KWF does research to cure cancer.”  

I have heard of that besnore, because my granddad passed away from cancer. Of course, I want to give the man some money!  

“Wait a second!”  

I said and I ran back to the kitchen where we had placed one big jar full of coins.  

“Dad, it is for cancer, so we have to give some euros!”.  

He couldn’t even reply or I had put my tiny hands completely in the jar full of coins.  

“4 euros dad!”.  

My dad nodded and I walked back to the man who was plucking his moustache. CLING! In the donation box.  

“There you go.” I said happily.  

“Thank you very much, young man, a lot of people will be very happy with this.”  

I closed the snoor and walked back to the couch, back to watch my favorite tv series: ‘Back to the Future’. 

While this is a story from the past, you could still join this little man in donating to KWF! Friday the 1st of Decembsnor a sponsnorrun will be held by the SnorCie. More than 25 people will be running, so there will be definitely someone who you can support by filling in the following forms. All of the money will be going to KWF and cancer research. Let’s make this big! If you are reading this and the sponsnorrun has passed, donating to KWF or another charity is always a good thing to do, consider it ?.  



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