The next Intermania Theme?!

By Maarten van Sluijs - 7 February 2024

Welcome back everyone! Hopefully everybody had an easy exam week, and got to enjoy the spoils of their effort in the form of some nice days off. I’m here to reveal the new theme to you, except there seems to be a slight problem. I myself don’t actually know yet what our theme will be for the next semester, it is a complete mystery. So, join me please and help me figure it out.  

I think someone might be keeping the theme a secret from me. Which reminds me of the list of names that once hung on one of the pillars in the Internaat. Many members pondered and pondered what it could have meant. Let me give you a quick recap of what happened. On a random sunny summer morning the day started off as per usual. However, everything changed when a mysterious sheet of paper with a list of names was found in the Internaat. People discussed heavily what the names could have in common with one another. Were they all in the same committee? No, they weren’t. Were they all from the same fraternity? Another no. Perhaps they were from the same area in the Netherlands? A third no. At this point people were obsessed with finding out what the list of names was, and where it came from. This was even harder than the AIVD kerstpuzzel! At some point people were accusing each other of hanging up the list, and it was threatening to tear the association apart if the answer was not found. It didn’t, eventually it all died down. Though sometimes at random someone remembers the list and asks about it. We never found out the answer, though I’m sure it is out there.  

Hmm, maybe someone isn’t keeping the theme from me. Could it be possible that there is actually no one who knows what the next theme will be? There are many mysteries in the world that no one actually has an answer to, and maybe this is just one of them. Another such example is the magical disappearance of the foosball balls. Every so often the board has to buy new balls. This must mean that balls are disappearing, but where are they going? No one knows! When we run low on balls members search high and low but they are nowhere to be found. They’re not stuck in the table itself, nor are they under the couches somewhere. People have even gone outside to search in front of the window of the Internaat but to no avail. They simply disappear like socks in the laundry, slipped to some other reality where they will never be found.  

Hmm, even after all this effort it doesn’t seem like we’ve gotten any closer to the actual next theme. It appears that it will remain a mystery for a little while longer, perhaps until our next amazing promo video. Either way, we hope you will enjoy the amazing articles we’ll provide you with this semester. And of course, look out for the next installment of the physical Intermania book!  


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