Here they are: The winners of the Intermate Education Awards 2024

By Maarten van Sluijs - 17 April 2024

The education awards have been around since time immemorial, separating the wheat from the chaff and praising those who go the extra mile to give their students the best learning experiences possible. However, like most things, the education awards have undergone quite some changes recently. In the past, the best teachers were chosen using the course evaluations. However, as you probably know, students are dumb and often forget to fill these in. After the course evaluations the Departmental Board then went over the results and picked the winners. This is still how it's done for the best teacher awards for MomenTUm. This is also not ideal because most IS/SI teachers are PhD'ers or PostDocs, and those can't win best teacher.  

Cue the past few years, where our wonderful CO's have reworked the system to what you experienced last week. It's now just a simple survey that you fill in to show your appreciation to your favourite teachers. The categories have been switched up a bit as well. PhD students are now also up for election, as they do so much work for courses and can be undervalued in their efforts. Furthermore, the USE category has been removed, as it's hard for most people to compare teachers in different USE tracks. In the end, the following people were awarded at the Education Awards: 

  • P-Phase P&T: Daniël Lakens – Teacher of Intro Psychology and Technology 
  • P-Phase SI: Andreas Spahn – Teacher of Sustainable technology in society: Introduction 
  • Bachelor P&T: Chris Snijders - Teacher of Behavioral Research Methods 2 and 3 
  • Bachelor SI: Sharif Khaleghparast – Teacher of Economic Policy in Practice, Economics of Innovation advanced, OGO Managing Sustainable Technology 
  • Master HTI: Peter Ruijten Dodoiu – Teacher of Advanced Social Psychology  
  • Master IS: Henny Romijn – Teacher of Energy, Economy, and Society 
  • New Talent: Chao Zhang – Teacher of OGO Quantitative Research, Behavioral Research Methods 1, Human-AI Interaction, Thinking and Deciding, Digital Tools and Human Wellbeing 

Congratulations to all! May you help and inspire students in the future as well!  

Speaking of the future, what will the Education Awards be like then? With the disappearance of the IS master and the introduction of the Sustainability Transitions track, there's a whole new slew of teachers and courses to be praised. Perhaps then it will be even bigger and better together with Industria to laud the teaching staff for all the effort they put in.   


All in all, this year's Intermate Education Awards were a great success! With lots of students and faculty, that hopefully return often to the regular Thursday drinks as well! Until next year! 


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