The board circle of life

By Arne Lubbers - 7 May 2024

The Candidate Board: Dangerous Waters  

Our journey begins in the shadow of the current board, where the candidate board members catch the first glimpse of their new roles. As they enter into this world, they are full of curiosity and ambition. But the life of a Kandi is not an easy one, in their natural habitat, the TU/e campus, many threats lurk within the shadows. Some Kandi’s are mercilessly snatched away by student teams, Wervingsdagen, or by the incomprehensible desire to finish their studies nominally. Like young turtles on their way to the endless ocean, being nicked away by seagulls. Besides, the few who survive these dangers are not in (out of) the water yet. They will have to stick together to overcome many more obstacles like the application committee, the election GM and ‘het feuten’ of their kandi board. Staying safely within the shadows, they follow the current board members during the day, soaking in all the knowledge obtained during the years, like sponges. Much like their kandi shirts, which soak in as many former board members’ signatures as possible and usually a lot of beer. When the sun goes down and night sets in, they swarm to Stratum, like moths to a flame. Here, they get to know other Kandi’s, usually through shared rituals like an adt estafette, strengthening the bonds within the group, which increases their chances of survival.   


The New Board: Getting Through, The Night  

Now, the candidate board transforms into the new board, taking their first steps as official board members. Proudly wearing their new suits, like butterflies emerging from their cocoons, their energy and enthusiasm knows no bounds and they set their sights on ambitious goals for the association. They have something to prove to the Intermate and, almost more importantly, to the GM. This usually includes showing the GM that they can indeed tie their tie correctly, a challenge for most new board members. Then, they present their policy, which is full of innovative ideas and ambitions, and drop it into the shark tank we call the GM. Where the old boards and critical Intermate members tear it to shreds, like an orca encountering an injured seal. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. As a new board (and as an older board as well, obviously), the feedback from predecessors and members is quite valuable. Though at the same time, they should not forget about their own policies and opinions, as they may risk losing their backbone in the process. After the switch GM, the young saplings of the new board can finally start implementing their policy, proving themselves! The association is now theirs to run; they must successfully navigate the troubling waters or go down with their ship like true captains. Luckily, they have gone through the rigorous application process of the SollicitaCie and have learned a lot from their predecessors, which, combined with their enthusiasm and ambition usually makes sure things go well, usually... Aside from all these aspirations, a new world of socializing also opens for the new board. Every FSE party is now part of their territory, which proves to be a real test for the liver. Luckily, through natural selection, perhaps, most of the new board usually make it through the night. As a new day emerges, you might find them scattered around Atlas, with a bucket and a lot of regrets. The young board members will need time to develop and learn from these mistakes.  


The Experienced Board: A New Territory  

As time passes, the new board matures into a more experienced board. Their decisions are now guided by a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities. As challenges arise, they approach them with wisdom and confidence, drawing on their prior experiences to find solutions. Organizing an activity is now a piece of cake, as they have become masters of their crafts, working more efficiently than ever. Like a well-oiled machine or, to stay with the theme of this article, an ant colony? Nevertheless, they might also encounter problems they did not have before. They are not the fresh new board anymore and are now just board. They find themselves disagreeing with members sometimes, and not being as easily influenced and less energetic and understanding than at the start of their year, which might result in an enormous decrease in Cola Zero sales. Stratum, once their territory almost every night of the week, is now empty, as they retreat to their nests for the night, so they can be well rested and productive the following morning. A thought that would have haunted their previous selves. As their visits to Stratum declined, so did their amount of ‘lijntjes’, and the ‘lijntjesbord’ is just a shell of its former self. Every so often, you can spot one thinking about what they want to do with their life after their board year, something which has never been observed with new board members before.   


The Old Board: The Cycle Continues  

As the board reaches the end of its term, it prepares for its final act in this circle of life. They share all their hard-earned lessons and insights from their year and prepare the young Kandi board for their future roles. The tree has grown old, and a young sapling sprouts in its shadow. It is the final part of the cycle, where knowledge and experience are handed down from one board to the next. With fresh ideas and renewed energy, the new Kandi board begins its journey, ready to take Intermate to new heights.  


And so, the board circle of life continues at Intermate. 


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