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By Latisha Boor - 14 October 2020

At first thought, I had quite the stereotypical view of Scandinavia. I thought of cold weather, IKEA, ABBA, and of course, Vikings. Soon, I came to find out what Scandinavia is actually about. Beautiful wilderness, forests, and lakes. Furthermore there are some interesting clean cities that are very attractive and serve as a great destination for every traveler. Scandinavia may not be what you expect from a Study Tour, but our committee found out that this destination is definitely worth the visit.

Copenhagen aims to become the world's first carbon-neutral capital by 2050

First, let’s clarify the place we are talking about. Most people would say that Scandinavia consists of the countries Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Throughout history, Denmark keeps excelling as being one of the happiest places in the world to live in. Something that is quite unknown for most people, is that Denmark also owns the world’s largest island, Greenland! Norway is best known for its incredible nature, think about all the amazing fjords and mountains. I’m sure you have seen plenty of pictures already. If not, definitely Google them! (after reading this article, of course).

Sweden is also known as the cultural capital of Scandinavia. The Nobel Prize ceremonies take place annually in Stockholm, with the exception of the Peace Prize which is awarded in Oslo. Sweden is a leader in the music industry, giving the world admiration of ABBA, Avicii, Ace of Base, and of course, Spotify. Sweden is also the innovation leader of the EU (2019), owning big companies such as Klarna and IKEA, but also having a bunch of cool startups with awesome, unique initiatives.

Many Scandinavian urban areas are known for their unique architecture, green spaces, efficient public transport and their focus on sustainability. Copenhagen even aims to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2050. How cool is that!?

Despite the current pandemic, the Study Tour Committee 2021 is trying hard to organize a wonderful trip. Study Tour offers the opportunity to work with cool companies in a very personal and fun way. Finally, you will have the chance to apply your knowledge in practice, which is very helpful educationally and personally. In the end, your hard work will be paid off with a fun and affordable study trip. We are certain that the Study Tour will inspire you and hopefully, you can inspire others with your knowledge and skills as well.

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