The After Intro day and its usual chaos

By Lotte van Dijck - 20 October 2020

Friday the 9th of October the alternative After Intro was organized. We decided that this event would be of most value if the freshmen would be introduced to each other and to our beautiful committees. In order to do so, we divided everyone into groups and stuck to the committee round as usual, but instead of a rainy forest in Gemert as the host location, we chose the Karpendonkse Plas. This round was full of interesting and group bonding activities which helped the new members getting familiar with all of the committees.

... we would like to organize an after-intro weekend at the end of the year

As you know Corona changes almost all activities, but the good old chaos was still present in this edition. The borrel committee decided it was a good idea to let a crucial attachment part of the beer hose break so that we had to beg different study associations for a replacement part. In addition to that, the truck that would provide us with snacks and fries had mechanical failures. Right at the moment we thought it was a good plan to start eating, the ‘oven’ broke. Fun fact: ‘oven’ is a euphemism for deep fryer, yes we were confused as well. Luckily we only had to wait for an hour before they arrived with a new truck with an all-we-could-eat buffet of snacks and fries. In the meantime, we started our pub-quiz. This went well and of course, there was a winning group: Hancock 1 consisting of David, Evy, Inge, and Ying Qi. When drinks are allowed at the university again we wish them a lot of fun with their €20,- drink credit. Although we do wonder how much help they’ve had from the treasurer of the 36th board ;).