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By Ruben Dragt - 12 November 2020

Dear Intermaten,

Studying can be very tough and a lot of students do not know what they want to do when they are done studying. There are so many options and it seems so far away. Most students take about 6 years to finish their studies, which means that after that their working life will start. This might seem frightening unless this working world of companies and entrepreneurs comes closer and you are introduced to it! One way of getting to know the options there are is by taking part in the SExCie excursions, in which you and your fellow students are paying a visit to companies that connect to the majors of PT and SI.  

This year, the amazing SExCie will again organize an excursion with company visits in which students can get to know each other.

This year, the amazing SExCie will again organize an excursion with company visits in which students can both get to know each other, and the possible work field they might end up in. The SExCie organizes a day excursion to a city in the Netherlands and a weekend excursion to a city abroad. This year the day excursion is headed to the center of the Netherlands: Utrecht! A pleasant and picturesque city, full of students and entrepreneurs which results in a lot of companies situated in the city.

The day excursion will take place on the 27th of November however instead of an offline excursion the excursion to Utrecht will now be online. It is totally free of charge and will be from 11 am till 3 pm. there will be 2 company visits along with some fun activities. The fact that the day consists of both fun and educational activities guarantees a feeling of satisfaction.

Of course, due to the current situation, there is a lot of insecurity if the excursion can happen at the date earlier mentioned. The SExCie is doing their very best to make sure it can take place on the 27th of November but we do not have full control over this. As long as nothing is mentioned, the date will stay. If the date will be changed, this will be communicated with you as soon as possible.

We hope you look forward to the excursion just as much as we do! We hope to see you there and stay safe and healthy in the meantime!

Kind Regards,

The SExCie of 2020/2021


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