The Never Ending Dilemma: to Klok or to Klus

By - 15 November 2020

Since the 15th of October, no-one in the Netherlands is able to purchase any form of alcohol after eight o’clock in the evening. Although it might help with limiting the spread of the COVID-19, it does require people to think ahead and plan their evening plans accordingly. There is no possibility to spontaneously buy a refreshing alcoholic beverage after a hard day’s work. Corona most likely impacted all our alcohol tolerances, but for a lot of us students, the occasional enjoyment of lager has not vanished. These trying times also put extra light on the well-known, ethical, existential and broadly discussed dilemma “to Klok or to Klus”, of course revering to whether to get loose and enjoy some lovely “De Klok” lagers or be productive and upgrade your room/house through “klussen” (translated to “a do it yourself project”). This article will highlight the main well-known arguments for both cases. Additionally, as a proud member of the CieKlusKlus and admirer of “De Klok” lager, I will give a personal recommendation to try and solve this age-old dilemma once and for all.