How to Tinder successfully: the do’s and don’ts of online dating

By Sanne van der Laan en Teun Timmermans - 16 November 2020

Love isn’t always around the corner. Sometimes, you have to look a little further to meet the love of your life, probably with some trial and error involved. Especially in times of the Rona, it’s hard to meet new people. Luckily Tinder exists, and don’t we all adore swiping left and right? The KiekCie is here to help you choose the best pictures for your profile. Let’s get those matches!



Your first picture should be a clear visual of your face, preferably smiling. Depending on whether you had braces or not, show your teeth.

Use a photo on which you’re carrying out some sort of activity. Could be sports, could be something fun with friends. Just try to hide your laziness away, and post that picture of you canoeing on holidays, while you’re actually laying on the couch watching Netflix. Fake it till you make it!

One of your photos should definitely include some food. Love goes through the stomach, as the Dutch say. It could be your favorite dish or something you have cooked or baked yourself. It’s part of a human’s survival instinct to be attracted to someone who takes good care of themselves. Use that to manipulate your future lover!

A picture with an animal. For sure. Just steal your neighbor’s dog for a minute or drag your BFF along for a photoshoot at the local children’s farm.

o  Important side note 1: guys, leave your caught fish off Tinder, nobody gets turned on by dead animals.

o  Important side note 2: girls, nobody gets excited by seeing someone riding a horse.


Kiekcie foto.png


Using only pictures where you are in a group setting. Your future life partner will never be able to guess who you are, and probably end up swiping left frustrated.

Extreme nudity, but this one is completely dependent on your target audience. Do you want to lure in easier, more primitive beings by showing off your cleavage or sixpack? Then go ahead and show it, but if you want to match with a more sophisticated human being you better show off your style.

Steal the show from your photos by writing a long bio why you have such a good character. People visiting Tinder came to judge you on pictures, nobody is going to read an essay telling them that you love doing drinks and dancing. Just keep it simple and short and don’t use weird emoji’s to explain. Remember “a picture says more than a thousand words”.


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