Light up your day – the Motion Experience

By - 5 December 2020

I think a lot of people have been struggling with the problem of finding fun things to do during the corona pandemic. Especially when the academic year has just stared and you have been working on all sorts of deadlines and assignments for over a month now. Still, it was not easy to find something fun within the area of Eindhoven which you could do without breaking the rules. Where do you go?

The answer came from a good friend of mine from back home in Rotterdam. She wanted to visit the Motion Experience in Eindhoven and asked me to join. For the people that do not know Motion Experience, it is a permanent art exposition based on light. Apparently she knows better what is going on in Eindhoven than I did. Of course I wanted to join her as I was longing for some fun and to go out,so after we set a date we were ready to go to the Motion Experience!