Team Energy event about the energy transition

By Anton Ionov - 30 December 2020

Team Energy Tennet event

On the 7th of January Team Energy and Tennet organize an online event about implementing renewable energy sources into the electricity grid, as well as making the grid fit for the future. Tennet wants to know what the upcoming generation of engineers thinks about the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. This may be a problem, since nowadays we expect electricity to be there at any time. We need your help to rethink how we deal with supply and demand of electrical energy. During the event you'll be divided into groups, and together you get to think about how you could solve a specific problem related this part of the energy transition. Everyone who joins us gets free drinks and snacks, the details of how to get your snacks will be mailed to the participants several days before the event.

Who is Tennet?

Tennet is an electricity transmission system operator active in the Netherlands and Germany ensuring a supply of electricity to 42 million end users.

Who is Team Energy?

Team Energy is a group of enthusiastic, motivated and talented TU/e students interested in the present energy transition. By organising events and facilitating initiatives, Team Energy provides students with the knowledge, network and means to engage in the energy transition

If you want to help, sign up using the form at the bottom. And if you have any questions about this event, feel free to app me at 0650517077

Date: 07-01-2021

Start: 19:00


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