Where's the Board?

By Wervingsdagen - 5 February 2021

The different authorities came up with a foolproof plan; check out the board room, check out the member's room, invade the rest of the campus, and if nothing has been found the city center will be inspected carefully.

Nobody was found when checking the board room. The investigators looked under the chairs, under the tables, and in all closets without result. A quick look was taken in the room next to the board room. A gentleman was working hard on his board tasks, but he offered a few seconds of his expensive time. He mentioned that he saw some girls and boys wearing yellow sweaters and grey beanies walking down the stairs. The gentleman was thanked for his time and the team went down the stairs. Here an important decision had to be made, go left or go right. To find the board members they had to become the board members. Of course, the member's room is reached when going to the right. However, the board consists of some sustainable innovation students which have a quite leftist mentality. The team stayed with the first plan and the member's room was checked, unfortunately, this was not the right choice. Nobody was found. The next step, check the rest of the campus.

During the search, a wise man was found. The wise man, wearing a blue pullover, had seen the board members. He mentioned taking a look at Wervingsdagen. Explaining that the Wervingsdagen is the foundation that organizes the TU/e Career Events. The Career Expo, where you can find and chat with about 120 companies and find out which company fits you best. Unlike normal, the event will take place fully online, but this will also introduce some new cool features. Maybe you can come and check it out on the 9th and 10th of March! If this was not enough, Wervingsdagen has another event planned for the week of the 19th till the 23rd of April. The Interviewing Days, where you can join company cases, one-on-one interviews, dinners, or lunches with companies.

The wise man was right, of course, and the Intermate board members were found at “de Zaak” to drink another cup of coffee. They were just crossing off their 138th cup of coffee of the year before “going back to work”. With this large amount of visits to the office of Wervingsdagen, it is no wonder that not a single Intermate member is able to find them. They probably did not get it from strangers though. Their predecessors visited the office of Wervingsdagen a stunning 439 times. Taking into account that they couldn’t even visit between the 10th of March and the passing over of the privilege of being the board of Intermate to Aurelia, this means these pink guys visited “de Zaak” quite often. If you want to visit this wonderful place yourself as well, you are more than welcome to come by and have a chat with one of the members of the 40th Board of Wervingsdagen. Of course, this offer only stands when the corona measures allow it.

If you want to come by even more often, you can consider becoming the next Board of Wervingsdagen. Besides enjoying a great atmosphere at “de Zaak”, you will improve on your communication, presentation, and collaboration skills; a great advantage for your own future career! At the same time, you will have a lot of contact with other study associations, which broadens your perspective and look at the world and you will obviously not lose contact with your friends at Intermate! This means that you have plenty of occupations throughout the year which guarantees you a year full of experience, variation, and fun! Wonder what these career events look like, take a look at this short video giving you a feel of what these events look like.


Every single year, a board of eight students works hard to make the events turn into a great success. As the Board of Wervingsdagen, you are responsible for recruiting companies, ensuring that the events are organized with all details in mind, and reaching as many students as possible. You will provide all students at the TU/e career orientation and support with their personal development.  

This year, the Board of Wervingsdagen consists of one Intermate member: Anouchka Morsink. She currently has the function of Public Relations & Digital Affairs in which she is responsible for the promotion of the events and the digital infrastructure of the foundation. Anouchka is of great importance in the connection between the students and the events, a good fit for a Psychology and Technology student. Besides this, she also stepped out of her comfort zone to work on the different digital systems Wervingsdagen works with.

Does this sound interesting to you? Maybe you would like to fill up a spot in the Board of Wervingsdagen next year like Anouchka did this year? Then you can subscribe for the board info lunches on 16 & 18 February via the following form: Microsoft Forms or send an email to boardambition@wervingsdagen.nl.


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