The new sjaarzen committees!

By Chairmen of the sjaarzen committees - 21 February 2021

Like every year, a fresh load of sjaarzen (first-years) joined Intermate.  Some of them are  more active members than others, and even go as far as joining a committee! The Smobo, Sjaarscie and Parentsday give them an opportunity to join their first committee and plan something for their fellow sjaarzen. In this article they’ll introduce themselves and explain what they have on their agenda!

Smobo - Siemen van Lierop

We, (the greatest) first-year SmoBo committee (to ever exist), have 1 goal in mind. Our goal is to make a Smoelenboek, where every first-year student of PT & SI can identify with.  

Our goal is not just to make a Smoelenboek, our goal is to make history. A book that includes and captures all the beautiful memories and all the beautiful people of our first year. 

Close your eyes and imagine this: You are forty years old and going through your immense library, then your eyes capture a thick book: the Smoelenboek of 2021. When opening the book you think back of all the beautiful memories you made and all the people you met during the peak of your life. You will remember the first time you met your lifelong friend, the first time you did an adtje during the Intermate borrel or the first time you were excited to go to school and actually study. That is what we want to create. A memory for the future. That is our goal.

InterSjaarsGalactisch - SmoBo 2020/2021

Sjaarscie - Luc Tortike

Hi Intermaten! Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are the SjaarsCie! The most fun committee of them all, we’re given the task of organizing one full day of fun for all the first-year students of Intermate. A day filled with fun, games, drinks, and all you can wish for. Our aim is to help bring all first-year students together. The amount of beer needed for this is undisclosed; the more the merrier! We’re guided by our good friend Luc Tortike, an active first year willing to put his life on the line to help create a long-lasting bond between all first-year students. Together with Samuel, My, Lan Gui, Jonna, Jop, and our board representative Abe. The aim is to bring us first-year students together to help you get the most out of your study and have the best years of your life. Soon, you’ll receive an invitation for this superb day.

We hope to see you on this very day or as soon as possible at the Internaat!

Parentsday - Jarno Soos

Hi, my name is Jarno Soós and I am the proud chairman of the wonderful Parentsday committee! Together with my lovely fellow committee members - Job van Asselt, Rinze Custers, Yente van Ginkel, Marit Hoekstra, India Zorko and our board member Emma Urselmann - we will try to prepare a fantastic day for all freshmen and their parents. Unfortunately, we have also been hit by a so-called coronavirus, so we have only been able to meet with each other on screen. However, even that is fun. Just imagine what the meetings in real life will be like! 


Because of that same, by now well-known virus we cannot yet give a definite answer as to where our great activity will be planned: online or offline. But for the faithful readers of Intermania we do have a little scoop: I can tell you that Parentsday 2021 will take place on the 3rd of May! So, are you a first-year student? Reserve May 3rd in your own and your parents' agenda. And even though we, as mentioned before, don't know the set-up yet, we know one thing for sure: it will be a fantastic day that you don't want to miss! 

Are you a first-year student, then don’t miss out on these activities, because the new sjaarzen committees are very excited to show what they have planned!


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