Tostis and Gaming is a match made in heaven

By Bas Gremmen - 24 February 2021

Tostis and Gaming is a match made in heaven. Dare I say, it might be an even more iconic combination than Thierry Baudet and his little bag of lavender. The greasy cheesy sandwich that is known as the tosti brings such high levels of joy and satiation that it is a definite staple of LAN parties. One cannot host a night of gaming without making sure that everyone can lube up their mechanical keyboards with some delicious cheesy grease. In this article, I will provide you, the reader, with some advice on how to make your future (online) LAN parties a success.

To successfully play games throughout the night, it is essential that you enjoy the game you are playing. Therefore, it is important to carefully pick a game with your group of friends that you all enjoy. Luckily for you, I made an easy flowchart to find what games are the perfect fit for you and your group of friends. 

Afbeelding tostcie artikel 23-02-2021.jpeg

Of course, you are free to pick a different game, but these are sure bangers for your party. The next step for a successful night of LAN-ing is to prepare some Tostis. As long as you’ve got bread and cheese, you can be assured that the snacks are going to be a massive success. But if you want to go the extra mile, I’ve got THE recipe to make the night just as unforgettable as the video fragment where Thierry smells his sack (pun intended). Follow all of these steps, and your LAN party will be legendary.

Gamer Tosti

Serves: 4


  • 8 slices of bread (whatever kind of bread you’ve got lying around is fine)
  •  4 slices of processed cheddar (the plastic kind)
  • 4 big slices of aged cheese
  • Sambal oelek
  • OPTIONAL: 4 slices of Farmers with sausage (boerenmetworst)


1.     Place half of the bread slices on a plate.

2.     Spread some sambal on the aforementioned slices.

3.     Place the cheddar on the slices of bread (do not forget to take off the plastic packaging, classic rookie mistake).

4.     Add the aged cheese as well.

a.     Optional: Add the farmers with sausage

5.     Finish the sandwiches with the other half of the bread slices that you kept aside.

6.     Place the package in the preferred sandwich grilling vessel (Toaster, Oven, Microwave, Pan, Etc.).

7.     Wait

8.     Obtained: 4x Gamer Tosti



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