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By Ruben Dragt - 3 March 2021

It has been a while but at last, here it is a new Intermania Rates. In this Intermania Rates, following the Intermania’s game theme, we will rate all the game websites that you used to play on as a little kid. To make a good comparison, we came up with a very scientifically correct way of testing the websites. We will play Bomberman on all the different websites and after we have played this game we will grade the website on user-friendliness, how easy it is to find games and the overall impression of the website. We know that you can’t wait to find out what the best website is to relive your youth and play all the games you used to play, so we will just get right to it. – grade: 6

The first website that is reviewed is “”, an absolute classic amongst the Dutch gaming websites. The interface and color scheme of the website does not seem to be changed at all so it is indeed very nostalgic to go back to this website. Bomberman was easy to find and within 20 seconds I was playing one of the best games of all time and blowing up everything and everyone. The only thing that was missing was a friend to play this with because in my memory the two-player mode is even better than the single-player. Besides the Bomberman game, our researcher Meike found something really shocking and before you read any further I would like to warn you that this could be experienced as extremely shocking. Now that that’s out of the way and you clearly decided to read further, let's talk about Meike's findings. Under the “Meiden-spelletjes” tab there is a game called “Gluren”. The goal of this game is to look at the bosom of your female neighbor without getting caught. This game is of course very inappropriate, especially for young children who play on this website. Because of this, the website did not get the highest rating, but if you just go to the search bar and type in Bomberman you will have an okay experience with the website.  - grade: 6.2

This is maybe a lesser-known website but because our investigations are always very thorough we will test and rate everything. The first impression of this website is that the home page is a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of pictures everywhere and the games that are offered don’t seem to be well organized. But if you know what you want to play and you just type it in the search bar you will find what you want. We will say this is a very average website not great but not bad either. – grade:  7.7

For me this website is pure nostalgic gold, it is the website I played my first game on and it is still going strong. Amongst the Intermania researchers, this is one of the favorites possibly even the best game website. When you load up the page you can see why a clear neat interface that has not changed at all which is super nostalgic and with a nice spread of popular games and categories. Finding games is really easy and it just feels relaxing to use this website. There is not much more to say about it just that it is a really good website and if you want to play any game go to this website and you will have a great and relaxing experience. – grade: 6.5

Just like the previous referenced to is the home page of this website a bit overwhelming and not super good looking. It is basically the same website but in another color scheme. This is not a good start and even though the search function and playing games on this website does work well it did not get a high grade. This is also because there is not really a nostalgic feeling with this website. – grade: 7

The homepage of this website also has a crowded overview of games but because of the chosen color scheme, very similar to, it looks a lot better. The search of our favorite game Bomberman worked like a treat and you can start playing whenever you want. Overall this is one of the better websites, with no weird taps with shocking games and a nice clean color scheme that does not make you dizzy while looking at it.


A final comment by our head researcher Lotte:

I was kind of surprised that all the websites were still the same as ten years ago or so. It brought back a lot of nostalgia. The only website I missed was which was my favorite game website. I also visited the barbie website once in a while. however, it seems that that website does not exist anymore. My favorite games always were the hairdressing games.


We hope you enjoyed this analysis of the most common game websites. Hopefully, you’ll start playing on these websites once in a while and we wish you a lot of fun when playing these games.







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