Spice up your online hangout session with these games

By Promocie - 8 March 2021

It has been a year since we all got an e-mail from the university that said that they will be closed for “one week”. At the time, Fall Guys had just come out to keep us entertained. Last fall, everything closed up again and we went back to online evenings with friends. Among us, despite not being a recent game, became a huge hit. I’m sure everyone is tired of those games by now and it doesn’t look like we will be allowed to hang out like old times soon. That is why we from the Promocie would like to offer some new options for your next fun evening online!

1.     Boardgamearena.com

Do you miss playing classic tabletops? Boardgamearena.com has got you covered. With over 250 board games in its catalog, any real tabletop fan should know this site. Boardgame arena has a lot of useful categories, so you can easily find a classic card game, or look for a game that does not last too long. You can view the rules for each game on the site, they even have instruction videos so you can discover new games to try out.

2.     Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity is the perfect game when you don’t want to think of stressful things going on currently and just want to laugh at dumb, and maybe not so clean, jokes. This means that this is the perfect game when you are in week 5 of the quartile and have not progressed past week 2. This site is completely free and includes a variety of packs and a player limit of 20. Since the site is a bit confusing at the start, here are the instructions for setting up and joining a game.

1.     Join one of the servers

2.     Accept the terms

3.     Choose a nickname and click on set (optional identification code is not needed)

For set-up:

4.     On the top-left, click create game

5.     Choose the options, select the packs you want to use, and set up a password if you don’t want strangers entering your game

6.     Click on start game top-left

For joining a game:

4. Search with Ctrl-F for the nickname of the host, the game is called [nickname]’s host

5. Enter the password and join the game

3.   Just Dance Now

A lot of people do not know that you can play Just Dance on your laptop with your phone as the controller. All you need to do is open justdancenow.com on your laptop, install the Just Dance Now app and enter the room code in your app. If you share your screen then everyone can join in on the fun!

While the game is considered free to play, you have to use a premium currency to play one song, which only recharges once every 24 hours. Playing unlimited for one day costs only 5 euros, however, so it is still a great way to organize a big Just Dance evening with friends!