By Wintermate - 23 March 2021

The winter wonderland, that was given to us a week before the event was planned, gave the photo hunt a special dimension❄️ Spoiler alert: the winners are Emma & Wouter and ironically they were called the winning team at the start of the event❄️ Here is a picture of them with their fantastic underpants they received❄️

When we dropped off the sexy underwear, there was an icey surprise waiting for them❄️❄️❄️ In Appendix W.2021 at the bottom of the article, there is a top 2 of the most amazing submissions❄️

Special attention to the honorable ski jump that Melissa did❄️ On Wintermate we very much appreciate cool tricks done on skis or snowboards, but the one Melissa pulled of was phenomenal❄️ Another challenge that needed to be done was the snowfight challenge❄️ Babette en Morris have done that very creatively❄️


The underwear that was given as a price to the lovely winners is also our committee clothing❄️ We call it the WINTERWONDERBROEK❄️ “You’re Going The Right Way For A Smacked Bottom” (Shrek, 2001)❄️ Because the real Wintermate did not go as planned this year we had to entertain ourselves in the meetings with other fun activities❄️ This included making a very nice logo and printing this on underwear❄️ Enjoy @thuisbezorris’ bottom❄️

Because the activity was outside in the bare cold (it turned out to be 22 degrees) we needed to keep our lovely intermaatjes warm with a wonderful flask engraved with our logo, filled with the most lovely winter drink that one can find: Jägermeister❄️ All participants of the photo hunt were lucky and got a deluxe edition of our wonderful flask❄️


Also, we want to mention our delightful achievement at the BOTC (Battle Of The Committees), it was truly so delightful❄️ Wintermate is actually very awesome❄️ After a lot of exciting minigames the interim score read us as the best committee❄️ The Borrelcie stood far back on the second place, however we had to do an adtwestrijd to secure our win❄️ Lisa tried her best by pouring a beer over herself in the shower, but Mr. Koster of the board did not appreciate it and the adtwedstrijd had to be done again❄️ STOP THE COUNT, and we won :) pls buy our merch xx❄️

Appendix W.2021


Top 2 submissions: