Gala Announcement!

By - 23 March 2021

Dear beloved members of Intermate,

As you know, once every two and a half years Intermate organizes a huge gala for all its members, graduates and alumni, filled with great music, open bars, and a lot of happy faces. Some of you maybe remember how awesome the last Lustrumgala was, or some may not ;). Everybody was dancing and drinking in this beautiful castle and you could even improve your gambling skills at the casino tables as the theme was Casino.

This year the gala would have been on March 12th, but we all knew that was not going to happen due to You-Know-What.... HOWEVER, don't despair, because we will still be organizing a gala this year! We hope that in the new academic year a lot of the restrictions have disappeared so that the gala can be held somewhere in October. The exact date will follow later, but feel free to already block every Friday in October, because you do not want to miss this party.

As older Intermate members know, each gala has a specific theme, like the Casino theme of 2 years ago. We wanted to reveal the theme at the start of the ticket sale. However, this would mean that we would have to wait until the end of this academic year. We as a committee are far too excited about the theme and therefore, we decided to already start the first festivity! This year we are excited to tell you that the theme of the 2021 Intermate gala will be: Alice in Wonderland! If the night of an Intermate gala is not magical enough for you, then this theme will certainly do the trick with all its clocks, smiling cats, and mad hatters. More details will follow soon, but for now, keep your eyes peeled for any possible pre-gala activities, and we hope to see you on a regular, non 1.5m gala at the end of the year!

Love, the Galacie


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