Het Perfecte Plaatje: the jury's highlights of the second round

By KiekCie - 4 April 2021

The jury, tasked with the tough job of choosing which teams will continue to the next round, also gets to share some of their favourite pictures. Each round the highlights of the submissions will be shared so all of Intermate gets to enjoy their peers’ talent. The highlights don’t necessarily are the best pictures, it could also be that they simply stand out in one of the aspects that are judged, for example creativity. So, let’s see what beautiful pictures this round had to offer! The challenge for this round was to make a symmetrical photograph of architecture.

The first highlight displays a creative take on the concept of architecture. It is taken from a nice perspective, and especially the lighting in the photo stood out to the jury. The “Golden hour”- like lighting adds definition and works beautifully with the colours of the structure.