Online (drinking) games in times of Covid

By AC-team - 6 April 2021

How the AC-team handles not throwing spectacular parties, but still having fun

Because of a certain virus, the lovely Stratumseind has been closed for many months now. In Q1 the AC was still able to provide a spectacular music bingo in the Feestfabriek, but this feels far away in time. As everybody is struggling to keep doing stuff online, new plans had to be made. Sure, pub-quizzes are always fun, and online drinks are also ‘gezellig’, but what’s more fun than playing games with friends? Imagine yourself at a party, with those famous red cups that everybody either loves or hates, depending on how much you had to drink with them. This was our exact thought when coming up with the Couples Cup Cup event. It was allowed to sit together with 1 person, and since it was close to Valentine's day, who else could it be than your absolute soulmate? Every participant could get a nice package with some beers, shots, and of course some red cups. All our favorite drinking games as beer pong and flip-the-cup were transitioned to fit the online scene, letting it feel just like a real party.

Beer pong - Drankspel - Spelregels & Instructies |

But what if you don’t feel like drinking? Another fun option is to transition famous tv-shows towards online games. ‘Wie is de mol?’ is such a show that can easily be made into an online party game for you and your friends: Set up a few games, choose one person who sabotages everything, and channel your inner Rik van de Westelaken as mysterious as possible and as if every little word could be a big hint towards the identity of your mole. Make some google forms, asking questions about the identity of the mole and what the mole has been doing, and compare everybody’s answer to that of the mole, to see whether they were on the right track!

Algoritme voorspelt wie de Mol is | RTL Nieuws

After all, these times are not the most fun times to live in, but with a bit of effort, everything can be made into a fun online evening activity. Hopefully, we don’t have to put up with this effort much more, and we as AC can’t wait to see everybody again in our favorite pubs at Stratum and dressed up beautifully. 


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