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By Maithe van der Wal - 19 April 2021

Hi everyone! My name is Maithe. I am 23 years old and I am currently doing my master graduation project for Human-Technology Interaction. I have been doing this for seven weeks now, which means that I just turned in my research proposal and am currently working on my literature review and methodology. Effectively this means that I have been sitting behind a desk, reading and writing, for seven weeks straight now. Good times! ;)


For my thesis, I am looking into Mindset Theory, which is a theory about people‚Äôs attributes about themselves. In Mindset Theory, two types of mindsets are identified: The growth and the fixed mindset. The type of mindset you have can influence how you think about many aspects of life. People who have a growth mindset generally are more focused on learning, while people with a fixed mindset have a focus on their own performance compared to others. In my experiment, I will be investigating how the mindset of nurses towards their own intelligence and talent can be changed and whether this has an effect on their learning behavior. To me, this topic is very interesting, and I think that everyone should find out what their mindset is and in what way(s) their mindset influences their behavior. 


I am doing my thesis at a consultancy company named Bearingpoint. I found out about them through a friend who I know from Intermate, who works there! (Thank you, Joost!) Being an intern at Bearingpoint is great fun and it is very interesting to be able to, next to doing a graduation project, do some other projects for Bearingpoint and find out what consultancy is really like. 

To others, I definitely would recommend looking into the possibility of doing your graduation project at a company. It is not only very fun, but it also teaches you a lot about what the Burgerleef is like and what suits you as a person. At least for me, these past seven weeks have really shaped my own view on working and what I want to do later!


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