LiftCie 2021: Met je gieter naar de sodemieter!

By LIftCie - 5 May 2021

Dear Intermaten!

A word from the one and only LiftCie! You might know us from our yearly adventures hitchhiking our way all through Europe. While regarding Corona that might not be as safe this year, we couldn’t let it hold us down. So, on the same weekend as every year – Ascension weekend, 13 and 14 May, we’re organizing two days of fun in the form of: ‘Met je gieter naar de sodemieter’! Thursday 13th will contain a full day of playing real-life monopoly, which means taking you and your group members traveling to all kinds of destinations by train, taking pictures, spending or earning monopoly money, and of course, having tons of fun. On the second day, we’ll have an even more active day, as you’ll be finding yourselves tandem biking through Eindhoven and the surrounding area! Thursday night would of course be the perfect opportunity to relax in between these two days packed with entertainment and have some soda, beer, wine, or for the real die-hards a couple of shots with your groupmates.

We as a committee are looking forward to this a lot and are very hyped for what should be two awesome days. We hope you are too after reading this and are looking forward to the 13th and 14th as much as we are. See you then!

Much love,

The Liftcie:

Annabel, Axel, Lotte, Trijntje, Emma, Meie and Jop


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