'Met je gieter naar de sodemieter': The Highlights

By LiftCie - 3 June 2021

Dear Intermaten!

As most of you know, some weeks ago we finally had the best weekend of the year: the alternative LiftCie activity took place! We couldn’t hitchhike but solved this in the best way we could ever imagine. As far as we know we’ve also only heard positive stories from members about the fun they had with their group in these two fun-packed days.

Day one involved a lot of traveling and doing tasks, with your group or with a little help from the people you meet along the way. As you can see in the pictures people got underway quickly, being spotted by each other all over the country. Every train station on our map has been visited by at least one group. In these cities, the Intermaten did all they could to earn every little penny they could, from finding dogs (and petting them), making fun pictures with landmarks, helping the city people with gardening, to drinking beer from their gieter, and going to the sodemieter. Everyone was enthusiastic! We’d like to thank everyone that joined us that day for their effort and all the beautiful pictures we got from you!

The second day focused more on leisure: in duo’s, people came together on a tandem bike and set off to find all landmarks to find in Eindhoven, Geldrop, Nuenen, and everywhere in between. While maybe still being a bit hungover from the day before, here as well everyone had a blast in and really did their best, for some people this was the first day in their lives riding a tandem bike! During the day, of course, some stops had been made to enjoy the sun on a terrace with a beer or coffee and a snack. And on this day some gorgeous photos were sent in as well, check them out!