Introducing Neomeris

By Bestuur - 15 June 2021

You are probably wondering where our name originated from. Neomeris is a Greek water-nymph. Furthermore, Neomeris is a type of algae. While this does not sound flattering, we like it, as it stands for both human life and nature, and the transition between them. Therefore, our colour will be dark green. If you take a look at our logo, you can see the inspiration of the algae and some water bubbles. A second choice for our name would have been Galatea, which funnily enough is a sister water-nymph of Neomeris. As we liked both, we took out the best tool to make important decisions, a wheel of fortune. After the decision from the wheel of fortune, we have loved the name Neomeris ever after. 


Of course, there are 6 people in each board and they would all like to introduce themselves to you. 

Faye van Wijngaarden

As the Chairman I will make sure my board members are well cared for so everyone can perform their tasks as sufficiently as possible. I’m very excited about what next year has in store for us. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of Intermate members in the coming year and having a great time with everyone!

Naud Janssen

As the next Secretary, you will probably see my name pop up quite often in all the mails that you will receive from us. I’m looking forward to living some crazy adventures with my fellow board members, and all others members of Intermate. I’m always up for a chat or coffee at the Internaat, so I hope I will be seeing your faces there soon!

Esther Mendel

Heey, I am the new Treasurer. If you are ever wondering who actually does all the spending, that’s me. Besides that, I will take up the responsibility of for example adding dozens of quotes to the website and promoting wonderful voluntary work (and the Ketel Games ofcourse). And if you are ever in need of a nice chat or excel skills, I am here for you ;).

Luc Mosmuller

Hi, I am the current Commissioner of Education, and as the name suggests will I keep myself busy with ensuring education is as good as possible. So when you want to discuss something about a course (except test answers of course;) ), you can always come to me. I am very excited about the upcoming year and I am looking forward to all of the great activities we will hopefully do together! 

Tim Bruggink

Heyyyyy, I am the new Commissioner of Internal Affairs and will be responsible for the lovely drinks at the Internaat (or outside :) ). Furthermore I’ll be working on student wellbeing, voluntary work and sustainability within Intermate. So if you have any questions about any of these topics you can always contact me or just come find me at a drink since I love to borrel! I’m really excited about my board year and all the crazy borrels and other adventures that I’ll get to experience with my lovely fellow board members and of course with all of you!

Eva Boots

Hello, I am this year’s Commissioner of External Affairs and I will help you find lovely companies to work for after your studies so make sure to visit these fun career events! Furthermore, I am planning on visiting as many Intermate activities as possible and I want to be in the Internaat or the boardroom almost all day for a cup of coffee, so I hope to be able to ‘netwerk’ with all of you during this year!


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