The best of the Intermagic Beans Challenge!

By Marjolein van der Heijden - 1 July 2021

Since we were all still in a lockdown at the beginning of the challenge, it all started at three pick-up points in Eindhoven. Participants could come by one of those points with their pots/cups/bins and we would provide them with everything they needed to start the challenge. Everyone got 3 kidney beans and a bit of potting soil. This way, we could make sure that everyone started the challenge with the same materials and no one would have an advantage. On this day we also launched the first challenge, which consisted of bringing the most creative flower pot you could find or make.. We have seen a lot of cool 'pots' such as a coffeepot, trash bin, handpainted mug, a wok pan, and even a 3D-print based on the story of Jack and the beanstalk (which was unfortunately not done at the end of week one, so it didn't win). The person that did win the first challenge was Kari with her pot that was painted specially for this challenge!

The challenge for the second week was to give your beans a name and introduce them to someone. Again, we got a lot of creative submissions such as Maxima, Obi-Wan Boonobi, Pfizer, and Chonkie. This challenge however was won by Lisa since she was the only one the actually introduced their plants to someone and therefore fulfilled the entire challenge. We are sure that Belinda, Josh, and Eddie are very happy with the new friend they made that day!