What the stickers on your laptop say about you

By Charlotte van Dongen - Columns - 9 October 2023

Any typical student may have spotted them once before; laptop stickers. A student's uni laptop is their 'personal property'. So, naturally, we decorate them with the most wonderful art to represent our personalities. In a wide variety of shapes, colors, and memes, these beautiful pieces of sticky paper are used to express one's true self. Let me give you some insight into what a laptop sticker says about you!

Hitchhiking Adventures: Tales from Eindhoven to Lyon

By Chat GPT - Columns - 31 May 2023

Hitchhiking is a unique and adventurous way to travel, offering unexpected encounters and unforgettable experiences. Join us as we delve into the captivating stories of a group of hitchhikers embarking on a journey from Eindhoven to Lyon. Along the way, they encountered a colorful cast of characters, each with their own quirks and peculiarities.

Mentally off the grid

By Julia Verbruggen - Columns - 10 May 2023

One thing I struggle with on a day-to-day basis is stopping my mind from flying all over the place. In the rush of switching between work, uni, friends, and family it is for me, and probably many others, a jumble of ever-fleeing thoughts. Going with the theme of this quartile, I attempted to take my mind off the grid and let it travel to a serene place.

Equity is Key – Why International Women’s Day is still needed

By Manon van Hastenberg - Columns - 15 March 2023

Last week was International Women's Day, which was the ideal moment for our columnist Manon to write a new column about women's rights. This time, Manon talks about the importance of International Women's day.

To the end of the world

By David Hordijk - Columns - 15 February 2023

David Hordijk (Ultimate member and 'ouwe lul' of intermate) walked 2500 km from the Netherlands to Finisterre, which literally means the End of The World. Through a crowdfunding campaign, his piano met him at the end of his route on the cliffs of Finisterre. There he recorded a concert and a music video. He shares the personal story behind his journey with us and some adventures of his way.

Embrace the mental emptiness

By Julia Verbruggen - Columns - 13 December 2022

With the christmas holiday approaching we often have enough to think about. Julia, however, shows that it is also important to have nothing on your mind at all. So this Christmas try to have some mindful moments in between of all the hecticness.

A lack of time

By Rik Schutte - Columns - 30 November 2022

Making time for hobbies is something that most students struggle with. Rik has the same struggle and gives you some advice on this.

From the old days: Hey don't I know you from somewhere?

By Unknown - Columns - 14 September 2022

As most of you probably already know Intermania exists for over 20 years. So we are introducing a new format: from the old days. Where some old articles will be dug up from the archives. This time it is an article from the old column the Klaagmuur (the complaints wall) where an anonymous writer states its complaints with the rest of Intermate.

Policing Women’s Bodies – Limiting Abortion Rights

By Manon van Hastenberg - Columns - 1 June 2022

Manon is at it again writing about women rights once more, however, she of course could not miss writing about the anti-abortion laws happening in the United States at the moment.

The art of authenticity

By Emma Höngens - Columns - 18 May 2022

In this column, Emma will take you to the core of every piece of art: authenticity. Why is it important to be authentic? And how does “standing up” relate to standing out?

Hang in there

By Arjan Derks - Columns - 23 March 2022

Arjan comes back to write one more column for the Intermania. In this column, he gives advice on how to deal with loss and how you as friends can help people dealing with grief. Since he himself has lost a dear friend once in addition to several other people below the age of 20 and he did not have such a column to help him.

A new pandemic has arrived: Femicide.

By Manon van Hastenberg - Columns - 1 March 2022

Manon gives us a nice insight into a pandemic that has been happening for a longer time than the Covid-19 pandemic, namely Femicide. While a lot of people know about this but see this as a third-world problem, which is not the case at all which Manon explains in the following article.

How to: New year's resolutions

By Rik Schutte - Columns - 19 January 2022

If you have listened to the latest episode of Intertalks, you probably heard that Rik had not yet thought about his new year's resolutions at the time of recording. That must have made him think since he wrote down some useful tips about new year's resolutions in his very first column as our newest columnist.

Van Ontgroening naar Vergroening?

By Wil Kuijpers - Columns - 10 January 2022

Het is weer tijd voor een nieuwe publicatie van Wils Wijsheden! Deze keer heeft hij het over het studentenleven met betrekking tot de ontgroeningen bij studentenverenigingen. Hij geeft zijn kijk weer op deze ontgroeningen, en geeft suggesties op hoe dit in de tijd van nu eventueel gewijzigd kan worden.

How to enhance your food experience by pairing it with the right beer

By Julia Verbruggen - Columns - 20 December 2021

To start the Christmas holiday with a bang we will give you a column by Julia, Borrel Buyer. She will give you advice on how you can enhance your Christmas dinner (or the TostCie new year dinner) with the right beer to accompany it. Or want to impress your housemates at the annual Christmas dinner, try this out!

What happens after student life?

By - Columns - 7 December 2021

Hi there! The name’s Bert and you may know me from my presence in the Internaat, thrilling foosball games during coffee breaks, or from my role as Commissioner of External Affairs in the illuminating 34th board of Intermate: Pharos.

How to make sense of it all

By Peter Ruijten - Dodoiu - Columns - 22 November 2021

The corona measures have been following each other up rapidly over the last few weeks and they impact everyone differently. In his newest column, Peter reflects on how the recent measures impacted him and how he dealt with their consequences.

How to overcome FOMO?

By Emma Höngens - Columns - 9 November 2021

Fear Of Missing Out, commonly known as FOMO, is something many of us suffer from post-lockdown. All the agendas are full again with nice activities to do, like the Poem contest of the Intermania for example. However, why do we experience this and what is the influence of social media on it? Emma is here to give you some more insight into this. She will also give some tips to help you with your FOMO.

In the mind of Manon – The World Does not Belong to Them

By Manon van Hastenberg - Columns - 4 October 2021

Our columnist Manon van Hastenberg has written a new column! This time she will talk about her view on refugees and the way the world deals with these people.

Aurelia says farewell

By Bestuur - Columns - 8 June 2021

As most of you will have noticed by now is the board exchange which took place last week. How did Aurelia experience their very special board year? They will tell you all about it in their very last Intermania article.

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