Interviewing Days: A Short History by Wervingsdagen

By Wervingsdagen - Committees - 10 April 2024

As a committee of Intermate, Wervingsdagen is hard at work organizing their last event of this academic year, the Interviewing Days. In this article, they will take a look back at the modest beginnings of this event.

The next Intermania Theme?!

By Maarten van Sluijs - Committees - 7 February 2024

Join Maarten in the new semester as you try to find out together what the next theme is. Think of it as a Dora the Explorer episode.

Hop from the Past to the Future

By Esther Mendel - Committees - 9 January 2024

This is the last article in the theme of Back to the Future! Join Esther as she travels through time looking at all developments in the magical art of brewing beer!

Advancements of Advertising

By PromoCie - Committees - 11 December 2023

In this Article, Jaron (former PromoCie member) will tell you a bit about the way that advertising has changed since the dawn of modern media to today.

Money for Marvelous Moustaches

By SnorCie - Committees - 29 November 2023

A good moustache is something everyone can appreciate, so much so that you might even want to give some money for it. In this article, Jaron describes an especially good moustachioed cause for your money.

Lustra of the past

By Naud Janssen and Jonna van Dijk - Committees - 15 November 2023

On the brink of the 8th lustrum, Naud and Jonna will take you back to the past and reminisce about lustrum 1 to 7. What were the most memorable moments and which activities did our ancestors do during these festive days? Be sure to read this article to find out!

Gala etiquette over the years

By Quincy Netteb - Committees - 17 October 2023

As beautifully described in the gala booklet, the gala comes with some etiquettes, these etiquettes require you for example to ask out your date on a formal way, and more. But where did these etiquettes come from?

Intermania's holiday tales of a summer past

By Intermania - Committees - 6 September 2023

In this article the Intermania committee welcomes you back to the University and the new academic year by sharing some of their holiday experiences

Aether's Nighttime Adventures

By Bestuur - Committees - 7 June 2023

Normally, boards tend to introduce themselves in their first Intermania article. The 40th board of Intermate decided to go in a completely different direction and have written a beautiful story for you.

The Evolution of Maps

By Babette Rijpkema - Committees - 17 May 2023

As Intermates resident design committee, the PromoCie will take you on a journey through the history of the design of maps. In this article, Babette tells you everything you need to know about the earliest maps and how they were created.

Train ride of the year

By SmoBo - Committees - 8 May 2023

We are going to make a trip. Pack your suitcase, your broomstick and owl. I can hear your thoughts from here; broomstick? Owl? Yes, you have read this correctly, we are going to make a magical trip in the Hogwarts Express. We, the SmoBo committee, are your tour guides.

Sander Schepers' Spectacular Social-media Support

By Sander Schepers - Committees - 3 May 2023

We all love to travel right? Because you can learn and see new things, enjoy the weather, try amazing food, or because “you want to find yourself”. Well, in reality, this is not true. The only reason to go traveling is to make the perfect Instagram picture. People can like those pictures and that is very cool. If you are a Gen Z you can also make a BeReal which is even cooler. The problem with those pictures is that you might have to travel far to make them. This can take a lot of time and it can also be costly. Although it is absolutely worth it to go to the other side of the world for some likes on social media, you can also stay closer to home! Therefore, in this article, the KiekCie presents the top 3 best places relatively nearby to make a picture that will definitely impress your friends and followers.

Holidays with a drink

By Esther Mendel & Faye van Wijngaarden - Committees - 5 April 2023

Who better to talk about drinks than our very own Borrelcie? In this article, they will take you on a little trip through Europe and tell you what types of alcoholic beverages you can drink in those places.

Revisiting The Never Ending Dilemma: “to Klok or to Klus”

By - Committees - 28 March 2023

In this article, Lars revisits the infamous and everlasting dilemma: "to Klok or to Klus". Although an attempt at tackling this was already made two and a half years ago, he returns with new found wisdom and insights, determined to answer it once and for all.

Wonderful Week of Wintermate

By Jaron - Committees - 10 March 2023

In this article, Jaron details the amazing Wintermate trip some of the members went on two weeks ago. He shares the fantastic stories that happened both on, and off the slopes of Saalbach-Hinterglemm.

Where running and partying comes together

By interTEAM - Committees - 7 March 2023

Everybody be prepared… It is almost batavieren time again! InterTEAM will give you an overview of the route and the history behind the batavieren race.

Tosti's around the world

By Naud Janssen - Committees - 8 March 2023

Imagine a world where you would have tasteful lunches on other days in the week. This wouldn’t sound as beautiful as Tosti Tuesday, but in this article, Naud will give you a taste of what different tastebuds around the world would eat for lunch at different days in the week.

How to plan your best city trip?

By Hugo Baas - Committees - 8 February 2023

To kick of the new theme ‘of the map’, we asked our favourite educational weekend-organising committees to write an article about how to deal with going of the map. Therefore, in order to start the promo for their coming weekend, they give you the best tips and tricks to plan a nice weekend away for you and your friends!

Expedition music exploration

By Sietske Wijffels - Committees - 9 January 2023

Being a member of the BorrelCie is more than just serving the members of Intermate their drink. They are in charge of the music during played during the drinks. With her love for music, Sietske gives you tips on how to broaden you music horizon.

Setting up the right ‘klus’ environment

By - Committees - 21 December 2022

Have you ever wondered how to create the best vibe for a 'klus'? Look no further! The CieKlusKlus has got you covered. Lars will tell you everything you need to know, to make sure your next 'klus' has the perfect vibe.

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