Cante, Baile and Toque: the three pillars of the art of flamenco

By Eva Boots - Committees - 7 December 2022

During the AFExCie trip to Madrid, everyone in the group saw the passion for music that the Spanish people have. Street performers everywhere, a jazz bar on every corner, and, of course, a lot of flamenco bars! Though salsa may be a dance you think of more quickly when you think of Spain, flamenco is rooted in its history. In this article, Eva will teach you the art of flamenco, by explaining its three elements: cante, baile, and toque!

How to harmonize each beer-drinking experience

By Esther Mendel - Committees - 15 November 2022

Pintermate has written an essay on the influence of music on the beer-tasting experience. Which is a topic we all wish were answered during our studies but was never done. Therefore Esther is coming to the rescue by writing such an essay for us.

The quest for a new jingle

By Timo Beerman - Committees - 31 October 2022

Timo goes on a quest for a new jingle for the Intermate podcast, Intertalks. Join Timo on this amazing life quest. Will he be able to capture the essence of what makes a great Intertalks jingle? Which instruments will he use? Will he produce the best Intertalks jingle in the history of Intertalks? All great questions, which will be answered in this article.

Der greatest Wintermate Après ski hits

By Jaron - Committees - 25 October 2022

Winter is coming, which means that the time of Sinterklaas, Christmas and the ski/snowboard trip will arrive soon! To get you more familiar with the latter we, the Wintermate committee, have made a top 5 apres-ski songs for you to prepare yourself for what is coming.

LP what's there to see - KiekCie reviews

By van Dongen & de Beijer - Committees - 5 October 2022

As the KiekCie, we can most definitely say that we like pictures. When we think of pictures in music, then album covers come to mind first. And who doesn't know the famous picture of four men walking on a zebra crossing, or a naked baby diving after a dollar in a pool? Perhaps you know the man with a red and blue lightning bolt on his face, or the four men whose shadowy faces adorn the black background of their famous album?

The evolution of TostCieworhty Music

By Naud Janssen - Committees - 27 September 2022

Tuesday, at around 12:15, all Intermate members slowly but surely enter the Internaat. Some find a space on the couch, some find a place to work, but most of them stand in a line towards the left corner of the bar. A bizarre phenomenon for those that do not know what Tuesday mean for our study association, but for those that do, this is just normal. With their ears pricked up, they are waiting for the tunes that indicate that TostCie Tuesday is about to begin. With the instantly recognizable “du du du tudu du du du”, everyone knows that it is time to order one of the delicious special tosti’s! But how did this strange ritual originate? Let’s explore the rich history of maybe the most memorable Intermate playlist out there, the TostCie Tuesday playlist!

Favourite food of celebraties

By Lotte van Dijck - Committees - 21 September 2022

With the new school year up and running we also have to cook for ourselves again. I am not the only one that runs out of inspiration sometimes, so the KookCie comes to the rescue once more. They have assorted three recipes made by celebrities to give you some inspiration.

Introducing Epicurus

By Bestuur - Committees - 8 June 2022

As of last week, Intermate has a fresh new board! In this article, they will tell you a little bit about who they are and what they stand for.

Green Art

By Cécile Geertman - Committees - 3 May 2022

The SustainabiliCie is the green committee of Intermate that aims to make Intermate the most sustainable study association on the TU/e campus. Besides, the committee is always interested in educating members about sustainability. Therefore, in this article, the SustainabiliCie will elaborate on the sustainable side of art.

The art of spinning the wheel

By Tim Bruggink - Committees - 12 April 2022

Tim will show you the age-old tradition of gambling and drinking, Radje draaien! He will discuss the art of Radje draaien with some veterans of the artform.

The definition of art

By Bestuur - Committees - 30 March 2022

As you all might know, the current Intermania theme is art. But what is actually the definition of art? Faye has done some research into this topic and she will present her outcomes and opinions.

The value of art

By CieKlusKlus - Committees - 16 March 2022

Are you a good art connoisseur? Christian van Erp discusses several peculiar works of art together with their worth, indicating that the value of a piece of art is very difficult to determine. In order to find out whether you are able to estimate the value of paintings yourself, read the article and do the quiz!

Can AI Create Art?

By - Committees - 9 March 2022

Rob Janssen, a member of the CIE++, takes the definition of art and the creation of art into question. He does so by asking the question: "Can AI create art?". In the following article you can read his viewpoints on this statement.

The return of the Borrellegends

By - Committees - 11 December 2021

After some time off, the Borrellegends are back at it again. Talking about their favorite beers and all other things borrel- related. In this article, they give their ode to the beer can, which has become more and more common in the Internaat fridge.

Intermate's Tremendous Travel Trip: the aftermovie

By AC-team - Committees - 8 November 2021

Do you remember the amazing AC party at the beginning of this academic year? Or did you forget half of it because of the alcohol? If you click on this article, you can find the aftermovie of Intermate's Tremendous Travel Trip! Now you can totally relive the evening again, have fun watching!

How to network

By SympoCie - Committees - 1 November 2021

As a TU student, you are, of course, constantly thinking about your future career. When thinking about this, one word will constantly enter your mind: networking. Although this word sounds really cliché, it is one of the most important things for a successful career. Therefore, we, the Symposium Committee, will give you some advice.

F*** you, human

By Geert van der Velden - Committees - 26 October 2021

Last year our columnist Emma Höngens wrote about the purpose of the study psychology and technology. A study that many people of the TU/e do not really understand. A graduate of HTI (the master of P&T) will give you some wise words on how to deal with these people.

How to Gala

By Melissa Baars and Bart Bronsgeest - Committees - 10 October 2021

Next week the awesome Gala is taking place, during student gala's a lot of formal rules are present. In this article written by Melissa and Bart these rules are summarised into this lovely article. This gives all of us the last reminder of the etiquette and the dress code and what this entails for everybody.

'Met je gieter naar de sodemieter': The Highlights

By LiftCie - Committees - 3 June 2021

During the ascension weekend, the Liftcie had an alternative activity for their yearly hitchhiking weekend. In this article, they will tell you about the highlights and show you some of the best pictures.

Het Perfecte Plaatje: the jury's highlights- Round 4!

By KiekCie - Committees - 19 May 2021

Het Perfecte Plaatje round four has been completed, meaning that the remaining contestants are now working on their final pieces. Before the finale deadline comes around at the 8th of May, we first get to share some highlights from probably our most challenging round thus far. The challenge this round was to make two pictures that included some form of reflection. One of them was to be a self-portrait and the other a portrait of someone else. Contrary to last round, the highlights of this round could be just one of the two pictures the participants sent in. As always note that the highlight pictures don’t have to be the best pictures that were sent in, they are pictures that stood out on one or multiple of the criteria they were judged on.

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