Intermania Rates Hamilton

By Marjolein van der Heijden and Lotte van Dijck - Reviews - 19 October 2022

Every once in a while, the Intermania members try to inform you with some much-needed review. This time the review is of the musical Hamilton. Which three fans forced upon the rest of the committee.

Intermania rates: Battle of the year committees (Art edition)

By Morris Boers - Reviews - 7 April 2022

For this special edition of INTERMANIA RATES we asked the three year committees: the sjaarscie, twaarscie and driecie to make a meaningful artistic picture. We sent these three committees out into the world with a camera and their own creative brains to make the next artistic masterpiece. We asked our own inhouse professional art connoisseurs Marjolein van der Heijden and Lotte to rate and critique the pictures and see which committee has the most creative potential. Welcome to INTERMANIA RATES: battle of the year committees (Art Edition)

Intermania rates

By Ruben Dragt - Reviews - 3 March 2021

It has been a while but at last, here it is a new Intermania Rates. In this Intermania Rates, following the Intermania’s game theme, we will rate all the game websites that you used to play on as a little kid. To make a good comparison, we came up with a very scientifically correct way of testing the websites. We will play Bomberman on all the different websites and after we have played this game we will grade the website on user-friendliness, how easy it is to find games and the overall impression of the website. We know that you can’t wait to find out what the best website is to relive your youth and play all the games you used to play, so we will just get right to it.

Light up your day – the Motion Experience

By - Reviews - 5 December 2020

I think a lot of people have been struggling with the problem of finding fun things to do during the corona pandemic. Especially when the academic year has just stared and you have been working on all sorts of deadlines and assignments for over a month now. Still, it was not easy to find something fun within the area of Eindhoven which you could do without breaking the rules. Where do you go?

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