Expedition Weather Sounds with Intermania

By Editors of Intermania - Theme - 12 December 2022

With each theme the Intermania tries to look into an activity that matches it. This time we went to a classical concert in the Concert Gebouw in Eindhoven. Let us tell you about our experience

Cante, Baile and Toque: the three pillars of the art of flamenco

By Eva Boots - Committees - 7 December 2022

During the AFExCie trip to Madrid, everyone in the group saw the passion for music that the Spanish people have. Street performers everywhere, a jazz bar on every corner, and, of course, a lot of flamenco bars! Though salsa may be a dance you think of more quickly when you think of Spain, flamenco is rooted in its history. In this article, Eva will teach you the art of flamenco, by explaining its three elements: cante, baile, and toque!

Intermate Sinterklaas puzzel

By Morris Boers - People of Intermate - 5 December 2022

Het is pakjesavond! Dus tijd voor een leuke intermate sinterklaas puzzel.

A lack of time

By Rik Schutte - Columns - 30 November 2022

Making time for hobbies is something that most students struggle with. Rik has the same struggle and gives you some advice on this.

How to harmonize each beer-drinking experience

By Esther Mendel - Committees - 15 November 2022

Pintermate has written an essay on the influence of music on the beer-tasting experience. Which is a topic we all wish were answered during our studies but was never done. Therefore Esther is coming to the rescue by writing such an essay for us.

The most hated songs of Intermate

By Wouter Tulp - Interviews - 14 November 2022

My dearest Intermate members, the last articles were way too much about the best and favorite songs or artists. As everyone knows, I am generally not a happy person so I would like to shine a light on the most hated side of music. There are a bunch of artists who do a wonderful job at creating music that inspires people. In addition, some artists also perform notable work for improving the world. I don’t care about any of these artists, so let's put the focus on the most hated artists within Intermate for a change.

Creating new Intermate hit songs using AI

By Morris Boers - Theme - 7 November 2022

Within intermate there exists a very specific and sometimes strange culture. Together with this culture also a very specific sub genre of music is intertwined. For an outsider it is hard to grasp why this music is so popular within Intermate and it is even harder to find new music that could fit within this genre. That's why Morris went researching whether an AI algorithm could capture this music genre and create new Intermate hit songs.

Student music, why do we even like it?

By van Ardennen & Verbruggen - People of Intermate - 2 November 2022

Julia and Michelle go on a scientific journey to answer the question in the title. Besides the necessary literature review they also went into the field to collect and experience student music for themselves. Together with in 't Audt they went to the breeding ground of popular dutch student music; 'Vo met een harde V'. Interested in their research? Read the article!

The quest for a new jingle

By Timo Beerman - Committees - 31 October 2022

Timo goes on a quest for a new jingle for the Intermate podcast, Intertalks. Join Timo on this amazing life quest. Will he be able to capture the essence of what makes a great Intertalks jingle? Which instruments will he use? Will he produce the best Intertalks jingle in the history of Intertalks? All great questions, which will be answered in this article.

Der greatest Wintermate Après ski hits

By Jaron - Committees - 25 October 2022

Winter is coming, which means that the time of Sinterklaas, Christmas and the ski/snowboard trip will arrive soon! To get you more familiar with the latter we, the Wintermate committee, have made a top 5 apres-ski songs for you to prepare yourself for what is coming.

Intermania Rates Hamilton

By Marjolein van der Heijden and Lotte van Dijck - Reviews - 19 October 2022

Every once in a while, the Intermania members try to inform you with some much-needed review. This time the review is of the musical Hamilton. Which three fans forced upon the rest of the committee.

The songs you must know as a new Intermate member!

By Jarno Soós - People of Intermate - 10 October 2022

So, you are new to Intermate? Welcome! Intermate is currently almost 39 years old, so I expect we are a little bit older than you are. This means, we already have a lot of traditions; you might know the TostCie Tuesdays or the Fussball table. However, we are also very musical. So, to prepare you on an amazing student time at Intermate, this article will introduce you to all the must-know songs of Intermate!

LP what's there to see - KiekCie reviews

By van Dongen & de Beijer - Committees - 5 October 2022

As the KiekCie, we can most definitely say that we like pictures. When we think of pictures in music, then album covers come to mind first. And who doesn't know the famous picture of four men walking on a zebra crossing, or a naked baby diving after a dollar in a pool? Perhaps you know the man with a red and blue lightning bolt on his face, or the four men whose shadowy faces adorn the black background of their famous album?

The evolution of TostCieworhty Music

By Naud Janssen - Committees - 27 September 2022

Tuesday, at around 12:15, all Intermate members slowly but surely enter the Internaat. Some find a space on the couch, some find a place to work, but most of them stand in a line towards the left corner of the bar. A bizarre phenomenon for those that do not know what Tuesday mean for our study association, but for those that do, this is just normal. With their ears pricked up, they are waiting for the tunes that indicate that TostCie Tuesday is about to begin. With the instantly recognizable “du du du tudu du du du”, everyone knows that it is time to order one of the delicious special tosti’s! But how did this strange ritual originate? Let’s explore the rich history of maybe the most memorable Intermate playlist out there, the TostCie Tuesday playlist!

Favourite food of celebraties

By Lotte van Dijck - Committees - 21 September 2022

With the new school year up and running we also have to cook for ourselves again. I am not the only one that runs out of inspiration sometimes, so the KookCie comes to the rescue once more. They have assorted three recipes made by celebrities to give you some inspiration.

From the old days: Hey don't I know you from somewhere?

By Unknown - Columns - 14 September 2022

As most of you probably already know Intermania exists for over 20 years. So we are introducing a new format: from the old days. Where some old articles will be dug up from the archives. This time it is an article from the old column the Klaagmuur (the complaints wall) where an anonymous writer states its complaints with the rest of Intermate.

Meet the Intermania committee

By Morris Boers - People of Intermate - 7 September 2022

Hi fellow Intermates! We are the Intermania, Intermate’s best and only association magazine. We will post an article every Wednesday of the week. To kick off we would like to introduce the hardworking group of Intermates that make the Intermania possible.

Schurend Paradijs – The Intermania visited a museum

By Intermania - Theme - 29 June 2022

In this last article of the year? , the Intermania will close off their art theme with a review of the art exhibition that they visited a few weeks ago: Schurend Paradijs (abrasive paradise).

Reviving an old notebook tradition

By Lotte van Dijck - 21 June 2022

In this new quarterly column of Julia she gives an insight into a tradition she and her mom had when she was little. Which they picked up again over the last few months.


By - - Theme - 14 June 2022

Mijn vader was degene die mij kunst al van kleins af aan bijbracht. Hij was zelf ook wel een kunstenaar: hij speelde in tientallen bandjes, componeerde zijn eigen muziek, schilderde, en schreef liedjes & gedichtjes. Zijn gedichtjes hadden iets speciaals: een twist op het einde. Iets onverwachts waar je van moest lachen of waar je raar van opkeek. Net als voor mijn vader, staat kunst dichtbij me. Voor deze keer, kies ik gedichtjes. Hier zijn 3 gedichtjes met mijn vader als inspiratiebron, waarvan ik hoop dat je moet lachen, je raar op kijkt of je gewoonweg blij wordt. Want dat werd ik van de zijne.

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