Vegetable garden at home

By Babette Rijpkema - Theme - 24 May 2021

Tired of visiting the supermarket to buy herbs for your dish every time? Growing these herbs is the solution! And it's more delicious, too. But how do you grow them? This article gives a tutorial on how to grow your plants and in which dishes these herbs are most suitable.

Het Perfecte Plaatje: the jury's highlights- Round 4!

By KiekCie - Committees - 19 May 2021

Het Perfecte Plaatje round four has been completed, meaning that the remaining contestants are now working on their final pieces. Before the finale deadline comes around at the 8th of May, we first get to share some highlights from probably our most challenging round thus far. The challenge this round was to make two pictures that included some form of reflection. One of them was to be a self-portrait and the other a portrait of someone else. Contrary to last round, the highlights of this round could be just one of the two pictures the participants sent in. As always note that the highlight pictures don’t have to be the best pictures that were sent in, they are pictures that stood out on one or multiple of the criteria they were judged on.

Het Perfecte Plaatje: the jury's highlights- Round 3!

By KiekCie - 19 May 2021

The third round of Kiekcie’s Het Perfecte Plaatje is completed, and this round was the most challenging so far. The challenge was to edit one landscape picture in two different ways, so it would tell two different stories. Truly a challenge for the teams to show off their editing skills. Despite the hard challenge this round once again produced some highlights that show off the talent and creativity of our Intermate peers. The highlights don’t necessarily have to be the best pictures, it could also be that they simply stand out in one of the aspects that are judged or have something extraordinary to show. So let’s see what beautiful pictures this round had to offer!

Parentsday activity 2021

By Babette Rijpkema - Committees - 14 May 2021

This year, the Parentsday activity did take place for the first years. However this time it was organized online. Do you want to know how this went? Then read the article!

LiftCie 2021: Met je gieter naar de sodemieter!

By LIftCie - Committees - 5 May 2021

This year, we cannot hitchhike through Europe, but that did not stop the LiftCie from organizing an exciting ascension weekend for you! They have written a nice message for you if you might not be convinced to subscribe yet.

Terug naar Moeder Aarde

By Wil Kuijpers - Columns - 4 May 2021

Het is weer tijd voor een nieuwe publicatie van Wils Wijsheden! Onze vertrouwde columnist biedt ditmaal een interessante kijk op de urgente rol die wetenschappers, politici en burgers spelen in het beschermen van de aarde.

In the Mind of Manon: Hands off their hijab

By - Columns - 27 April 2021

We would like to introduce our new columnist: Manon van Hastenberg! In her first article in our newest series in the Mind of Manon, she will share her view on the separatism bill in France

Guideline for your online BEP

By - Columns - 5 May 2021

Everybody has to do it, if you like it or not, the Bachelor End Project (BEP). What seems to be the biggest task of your lifetime at the start, really becomes that precious word document on your laptop which you start loving more and more when it comes to the end. At least, that is how I felt about my BEP. Especially with the coronavirus, I feel more proud than ever. For the people who do not know me, my name is Michelle van Ardenne. In January I finished my bachelor Psychology and technology after 6 months of working on my bachelor end project. The topic of my BEP was ‘The influence of ecological footprint calculators on pro-environmental intentions. I am not going to bore you with an extensive summary of my BEP, but what I think is more useful for you is to learn some tips and tricks to finish your BEP in times of the Corona crisis. Because there are some things that will differ and you can better be prepared.

Intermagic beans challenge

By Marjolein van der Heijden - Theme - 21 April 2021

The new Intermania theme for this quartile is nature! We are very curious to see which Intermate member is the most connected to nature and is able to win our plant growing challenge.

Graduation as an intern

By Maithe van der Wal - Columns - 19 April 2021

The final part of your study involves your final thesis. There are many fun things to do with your final thesis. Maithe wrote about her thesis. She is doing her graduation project at a company: Bearingpoint!

Online (drinking) games in times of Covid

By AC-team - Committees - 6 April 2021

In case you haven’t noticed: The AC-team had planned some really fun online activities last year. Did you have fun during the past activities and would you like to do it again? The AC-team will give you an insight into how you can recreate their last activities.

Het Perfecte Plaatje: the jury's highlights of the second round

By KiekCie - Committees - 4 April 2021

The second round of Het Perfecte Plaatje has been completed and the results are once again dazzling! Het Perfecte Plaatje is a photography competition organized by the KiekCie, and every round the teams get a new challenge and the chance to show off their creativity, eye for detail, and photography skills.

Klussen: Life’s greatest game

By - Committees - 29 March 2021

Some people are able to turn everything into a game. One of these people is Lars from the CieKlusKlus committee, who will tell you how “Klussen” can be seen as the ultimate game.

Gala Announcement!

By - Committees - 23 March 2021

The GalaCie has started up but unfortunately the event had to be postponed to a later moment, but luckily we will already start with the fun news of what the theme of the upcoming Intemate gala will be!


By Wintermate - Committees - 23 March 2021

On the 24th of February, the Wintermate activity took place❄️ We organised a photo hunt that was filled with fantastic winter challenges❄️Read all about it below❄️

The Purpose of P&T

By Emma Höngens - Columns - 13 March 2021

Columnist Emma Höngens is often asked: "What is the point of studying Psychology and Technology?" She will share her experiences during her bachelor's that describe the answer to this question and shows how important the P&T students are in the engineering field.

Spice up your online hangout session with these games

By Promocie - Committees - 8 March 2021

Playing games online with your friends has become pretty normal for everyone. Coming up with different and fun games to play every time is not always easy, so it is a good thing that the Promocie has made a list for you! They will tell you which online games are the best to play with a group of friends.

Next-Gen Leadership at Enactus Eindhoven

By Jetske Kehrens - 7 March 2021

You might have heard of Enactus Eindhoven, a student team focussing on developing sustainable products. These products include light show providing bins and nature-friendly body scrubs. If this sounds interesting to you, read more and get motivated to join one of their two product team!

Intermania rates

By Ruben Dragt - Reviews - 3 March 2021

It has been a while but at last, here it is a new Intermania Rates. In this Intermania Rates, following the Intermania’s game theme, we will rate all the game websites that you used to play on as a little kid. To make a good comparison, we came up with a very scientifically correct way of testing the websites. We will play Bomberman on all the different websites and after we have played this game we will grade the website on user-friendliness, how easy it is to find games and the overall impression of the website. We know that you can’t wait to find out what the best website is to relive your youth and play all the games you used to play, so we will just get right to it.

Het Perfecte Plaatje: the jury's highlights

By KiekCie - Committees - 1 March 2021

The first round of Het Perfecte Plaatje has been completed and the results are in! Het Perfecte Plaatje is a photography competition organized by the KiekCie, every round the teams get a new challenge and the chance to show off their creativity, eye for detail and photography skills.

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