Tostis and Gaming is a match made in heaven

By Bas Gremmen - Committees - 24 February 2021

Are you hosting an (online) game night very soon and still in need of a good snack? The Tostcie has got you covered! They have made the perfect Gamer Tosti and they even provide you with some suggestions for which games you can play.

The new sjaarzen committees!

By Chairmen of the sjaarzen committees - Committees - 21 February 2021

Like every year, many sjaarzen like joining a committee. Therefore the Parentsday, Sjaarscie and Smobo in order for them to start their first committee with only sjaarzen. In this article, they'll tell you who they are and what they are up to for the coming year!

The Sims: escaping reality or just a way of handling your darkest desires

By Lotte van Dijck - Columns - 16 February 2021

In this quarterly column of Julia will take you into the more sinister world of the sims.

Fun in the snow with Intermate!

By Intermate members - People of Intermate - 15 February 2021

Nobody could have missed it: since last week, the Netherlands is covered in snow! A big stress relieve for many people in this difficult time. What did the people of Intermate do in these cold weathers? Read about it here!

Where's the Board?

By Wervingsdagen - Columns - 5 February 2021

With GM #177 just around the corner, it is highly interesting to know what Aurelia is up to. Therefore, at a random time and random day in the academic year 2020-2021 a decision was made to follow the activities of the Intermate board. However, a problem arose. Where is the board? Many different authorities, like the police, FBI, and CIA, have been called up for this search, but there only was one organization able to help out… (READ MORE TO FIND OUT WHICH ORGANIZATION)

Rollercoaster Mania

By Bestuur - Theme - 1 February 2021

Iedereen heeft zich het afgelopen corona jaar wel eens verveeld. En nagedacht over de goede oude tijd wanneer je aan teamsport kon doen, met je vrienden aan de bar borrelen, of überhaupt na 9 uur ’s avonds buiten mocht zijn. Maar wat kun je doen wanneer je geen sport kan doen en borrelen ook niet kan? Juist, gamen!

Tackling NIMBY

By Wouter Pustjens - Columns - 31 January 2021

It is always nice to gain a better insight in where you can end up after you have graduated. Today Wouter Pustjens is telling us what he does at Pondera, a sponsor of Intermate. From 2009 to 2012, he was part of the Information Team of Technische Innovatiewetenschappen. He remembers the struggle of explaining that technology – by itself – is not a perfect solution, and that innovation scientists are required to embed technology in its societal context. His perfect example was NIMBYism (Not In My BackYard) in wind energy projects, which he is now also tackling at Pondera.

Team Energy event about the energy transition

By Anton Ionov - Columns - 30 December 2020

With lots of Renewable Energy Sources coming online in the coming years, the way we make electricity changes fundamentally. Since the sun doesn't always shine , and the wind doesn't always blow , we can no longer get electricity on demand like we could with gas-fired power plants. So how do we make the electricity grid future-proof? Tune in on the 7th of January to discuss!

Drankjes voor bij de Boom

By - Committees - 17 December 2020

Kerst staat weer voor de deur, nu is het dit jaar wel wat anders helaas. Je nichtje dronken voeren zit er dus helaas niet bij, maar je wil je familie die wel komt natuurlijk wel imponeren. En dat doe jij als student natuurlijk met de drankjes die je gaat verzorgen. De BorrelCie geeft je tips over wat wel en niet geschikt is om te schenken tijdens het kerstdiner.

Intermania Rates - Kerstmarkten

By Michelle, Bert, Anton en Meike - 12 December 2020

De Intermania ging op zoektocht om de leukste kerstmarkt te vinden!

Light up your day – the Motion Experience

By - Reviews - 5 December 2020

I think a lot of people have been struggling with the problem of finding fun things to do during the corona pandemic. Especially when the academic year has just stared and you have been working on all sorts of deadlines and assignments for over a month now. Still, it was not easy to find something fun within the area of Eindhoven which you could do without breaking the rules. Where do you go?


By Wil Kuijpers - Columns - 1 December 2020

Het is alweer een tijdje geleden sinds de laatste, papieren, column van Wil Kuijpers. Daarom is het weer tijd voor een nieuwe, online publicatie van Wil’s Wijsheden. Dit maal wordt de relatie tussen vakantie en corona besproken.

Departmental council

By Emma Höngens - 27 November 2020

December 1st and 2nd the elections of the departmental council will take place. Maybe you already heard of it or you just found out about it now. It sounds quite important, but what does this council do? Why is it important for you and me as students? And why should we vote while for other departments this does not matter as much?

Thanksgiving, what it is all about (by a Dutchie)

By Lotte van Dijck - Theme - 24 November 2020

I think you all have heard of Thanksgiving, however, we do not really know what it is about. What is celebrated and why it is celebrated and all the events surrounding it. So I will tell about its origin, how it is normally celebrated, and what events surround the holiday.

How to Tinder successfully: the do’s and don’ts of online dating

By Sanne van der Laan en Teun Timmermans - Committees - 16 November 2020

One of the most memorable aspects of 2020 is going to be the lockdowns resulting in going out to party and meet new people not being possible. Dating is now primarily through dating apps, and our KiekCie decided to give you some tips about providing a better first impression through your pictures.

The Never Ending Dilemma: to Klok or to Klus

By - Committees - 15 November 2020

In this article, CieKlusKlus member Lars de Hamer decided to tackle the dilemma we all have encountered at least once in our lives: Should I invest my time in a DIY project or should I have a beer?

MomenTUm – the flashback

By - 13 November 2020

Even though MomenTUm was a little while back, we should not forget the celebration of our bachelor and master graduates and with this flashback, we hope to bring back the festive mood with some fun memories and pictures!

A new SExCie excursion

By Ruben Dragt - Committees - 12 November 2020

Studying can be very tough and a lot of students do not know what they want to do when they are done studying. There are so many options and it seems so far away. Most students take about 6 years to finish their studies, which means that after that their working life will start. This might seem frightening unless this working world of companies and entrepreneurs comes closer and you are introduced to it!

Introduction Week 2020

By - Committees - 27 October 2020

Even though it might not be for the best reasons, this year’s introduction week will be a difficult one to forget anytime soon. The introduction week itself, but also most definitely the months in advance, were full of ups and downs, surprises, setbacks, discussion, brainstorms and meetings. However, we as the IntroCie 2020 still enjoyed it enormously and hope everyone had a good time as well.

Autumn holiday, time for a breath of fresh air

By - Committees - 26 October 2020

Although the world is a mess at the moment within intermate there are still some things that never change, for example the yearly committees. Like the AFExCie which is super excited to organize this years trip. It might not be as far away as normal but they will make sure it is a trip to remember.

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