About Epiic

Epiic helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams and ambitions. This often revolves around innovative developments. The field of our specialists. At Epiic, we feel challenged to achieve what seems unattainable. We are curious, think outside the box. This is how we help pioneers to pioneer. And all with one goal: to translate innovations into successful projects.

Epiic, three pillars


1.     Innovation advice, at every stage

Entrepreneurs who innovate often have many questions. How do you ensure a successful business case? How do you secure intellectual property? Where do you find the right people and expertise? The experts at Epiic think with you, ask questions, provide guidance and have the answers. And in every phase of an innovation project.


2.     Financing, the right strategy

Investments are often needed to make innovative developments possible. But what is the right financing strategy? And which form of financing best suits it? Depending on the objectives and the phase a company is in, there are many possibilities. Epiic helps to make the right strategic choices, for both the short and long term.

3.     Grants, a boost for innovation

Increasing innovative power? Investing in sustainability or staff development? These are often expensive processes and subsidies can provide a boost. But the subsidy landscape is complex and grant applications are not without risk. This is why Epiic takes the entire subsidy process off your hands, from advice and application to final accountability.


Epiic. Enabling your innovation.