About HetEnergieBureau B.V.

About HetEnergieBureau

HetEnergieBureau is an ambitious consulting firm in the field of energy transition. Together with our (mostly Dutch speaking) clients, we work on sustainable developments with 'visible results on the street.' We provide advice and guidance on the sustainability of the built environment, mobility, policy, and participation. From charging infrastructure policies to a upscaling plan for mobility-as-a-service, and from a neighbourhood implementation plan for gas-free living to a sustainability plan for a festival.

Together we make the world a better place!

Our People

Our people operate from a shared intrinsic value: a passion for sustainability. We enjoy our work and therefore always go that extra mile to make a real societal impact!

More information about HetEnergieBureau: www.hetenergiebureau.nl


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