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Our vision: Ahead of change

Technological developments such as cloud services, the Internet of Things, digital platforms, data analytics and virtual reality are radically changing the world we live and work in. The tempo is high. Anything devised today has an impact tomorrow.

From our perspective, IT is the key to solving new, crucial challenges facing companies and organisations. Digitisation enables organisations to perform better and remain relevant.

IT has become core business and the driving force behind innovation. What’s more, it determines the ability of companies to distinguish themselves from competitors. At the same time, IT provides solutions to major social issues, such as a more efficient public sector, affordable healthcare and a cleaner environment.

If IT wants to play this deciding role, people have to be able to rely on solutions that are effective and sustainable. Only then can IT help people keep up with an ever-faster-changing world successfully and does it create long-term value.

We help our customers stay ahead of change so that they can meet the challenges the future will bring head-on.

Our mission: creating sustainable innovation together

Either you have the ability to innovate at lightning speed or you gradually become less relevant. Many organisations are familiar with this challenge. A challenge that has to be met quickly. Opportunities provided by technical innovations have to be identified promptly. Success factors include: using one’s own innovative strength, connecting people and organisations to intuitive technologies and implementing innovations in a secure and robust manner.

We want to help our customers create sustainable innovation. We invest a lot of time and effort in understanding and fully immersing ourselves in the business of our customers, because we want to apply the latest knowledge and technology carefully within the context of the customer. We find that the flexible running of the primary processes in organisations is strongly connected with the flexibility of the IT environment. Thus, IT processes have in effect become integral change processes: a successful technical implementation depends on the extent to which existing processes, roles and responsibilities of employees can change along as part of this implementation. This requires a more intensive form of collaboration, not only from customers, but from Ordina too. And above all, it calls for a mindset of wanting to deliver a good result together, in co-creation.

When doing so, we take our social responsibility seriously. It goes without saying that we value sustainable relationships with our stakeholders. Only then can we always have the necessary knowledge to ensure technologies are of actual value to customers and deliver long-term value. Ordina is never too far away from its customers, has vast knowledge of the local market and legislation and regulations and supplements this with partnerships. At Ordina, the lines of communication to specialists and management are always short.


Intermate is the study association of the bachelor Technical Innovation Sciences, the majors Sustainable Innovation and Psychology & Technology and the masters Human Technology Interaction and Innovation Sciences.


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