Klussen: Life’s greatest game

By - 29 March 2021

When discussing or mentioning “games” or “gaming”, the general public often refers to the digital form. Whether this refers to something on the computer or on any of the other consoles, it all seems to be digital. Which is not necessarily strange, as digital-gaming seems to be dominating the world and is for many their main form of entertainment, especially during these everlasting times of COVID-19 restrictions. Nevertheless, it can be argued that everything containing certain elements can be considered a game, this even includes everyday chores. From personal experience, I argue that distinguishing certain aspects of your life as a game can significantly improve your overall experiences. From doing the dishes as fast as possible to continuously improving your running personal best, it all brings a certain joy and feeling of accomplishment. Which is what “gaming” is all about, enjoying yourself. Within this article, I will try to guide you to getting a better understanding why “Klussen” is arguably the greatest game of all time and how you can transform yourself in a so called “klus-fanatic”.

A variety of aspects which can be found in (most) gaming activities will be discussed, starting off with having an end goal. Every game is designed around reaching a certain goal, with the journey towards reaching that goal having endless variations to make the experience truly as personal as possible. This is most certainly the case when someone is busy klussen. Every klus starts with an end goal, whether this is completely renovating the bathroom or just hanging up a painting, the end goal is always there and can be fairly generalized to: fixing something that is not how you want it to be. This is eventually the main reason people undergo a klus, they are not satisfied with how something is, nevertheless by seeing the finished product of your klus as the ultimate end goal, you transform klussen kind of into a “klus game”. This will make the end climax much more satisfying. The childlike joy that rushes through your body and the “I am on top of the world” feeling of accomplishment is unmatched. That being said, it is essential to not undermine your accomplishment, even something as relatively simple as putting up a bookshelf should be, if succeeded at, something to be proud of.

A second element often present at every game is developing a variety of skills, whether this is something mentally or physically, it does often help you develop as a human being. That being said, klussen is all about developing a variety of skills. By klussen you improve, among other things, your spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and precision. Each tool you learn to use or skill you develop can be seen as you levelling up, just like in a game. Additionally, it is often a great exercise. If it is an average to big klus you are often walking a lot and using your upper body and core strength to properly execute certain aspect of the klus. This is ideal to achieve the daily advised amount of 8000 steps. This aspect of klussen can get you through some hard or unpleasant times during the klus, by having the mindset that you are developing yourself as a person on multiple levels will help you pulling through such unpleasant times. Again, it is important to not downplay what you are doing, even if the learning opportunity is small, it still contributes to your skills set and changes you for the better.

I can go on and on by comparing different aspects of a typical game and klussen, but that would not do this article any good. Thus, to close it off, I would like to address the most important aspect of games/gaming and arguable in life: having fun! Klussen is the ideal activity to get your mind off from daily issues or stress and have a nice get together with your friends, family or roommates and enjoying your time together. From singing along loud and obnoxiously to the radio to just klus in silence, it can be the perfect “game” to spend quality time together with the ones that are important to you. Thus, keep in mind that with the correct (gaming) mindset towards klussen is that you are able to enjoy, and achieve things that you were not sure you could. If you would like to experience such a thrillful joy but are not sure what to klus, then do not hesitate to contact a member of the CieKlusKlus as we are always open for new applications!

Klus on everyone, klus on!


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